E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006

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Presenting person
H-1 Mikhail D. Starostenkov Point defects and their influence on thermoactivated disordering process of Ni3Al intermetallic
H-2 Irina V. Valikova Atomic and meso-scale simulation of the diffusion features of point defects.
H-3 Ludmila V. Selezneva Simulation of interstitial atom diffusion in fcc metals with point defects
H-4 Jiri K. Bursik Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Ordering and its Effect on Elastic Parameters in Ni-base Alloys
H-5 Graeme E. Murch Analysis of the time-dependence of the segregation of oxygen at metal-ceramic oxide interfaces using lattice Monte Carlo and finite element methods.
H-7 Maciej M. Spychalski Materials hardness estimation by simulation of the indentation process
H-8 Graeme E. Murch Stability of hollow nanospheres: a Molecular Dynamics study
H-9 Marek Muzyk Thermal properties of L10-TiAl from first principle calculations
H-10 Jacek Piechota First principles study of Al(100) twisted interfaces
H-11 Robert Sot Predicting site occupation of Fe in B2 NiAl from ab initio computations
H-12 Pawel S. Zieba Interface dynamics of melt instabilities on semiconductor surfaces
H-13 Tomasz Wejrzanowski Grain Boundary Migration in Nanocrystalline Iron
H-14 Mikhail D. Starostenkov The research of thermoactivated changes of the structure of antiphase boundaries in Cu3Au and Ni3Al alloys
H-15 Rozaliya I. Barabash Multiscale Plastic Deformation Near Fatigue Crack From Diffraction
H-16 Tomasz Wejrzanowski Statistical model of grain growth in polycrystalline nanomaterials
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