E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006

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Hilal Demir Microcalorimetric Studies to Investigate the Effect of Sn Addition to Elucidate CO Poisoning on Pt-Sn Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell Catalysts
B-1 João M. Campos Synthesis Of Polyethylene With Various Morphologies Using Cp2ZrCl2 Supported On Pure and Al-containing MCM-41.
B-2 Grzegorz Dercz Structure studies on nanocrystalline MgO powders prepared by sol-gel method dried under different conditions
B-3 Aidan M. Doyle Effects of Organic Modifiers on Mesoporous Silicas
B-4 Aidan M. Doyle Zeolite films prepared by the Langmuir-Blodgett technique
B-5 Wojciech I. Dzik Novel molecular catalyst candidates for H2 evolution from hydrogen storage materials
B-6 Elena Frolova Structural peculiarities of nanocrystalline Ce-Sm-O catalysts with Ruthenium modified surface
B-7 Elena Frolova Nanocrystalline Ce0.45Zr0.45La0.10O2-y for CH4 oxidation: characterization and the origin of improved catalytic performance
B-8 Andrzej Gniewek Influence of Pd(0) nanoparticles size on the catalytic activity in methoxycarbonylation of iodobenzene
B-9 Agustin R. González-Elipe Synthesis and characterization of La1-xSrxCoO3-d perovskites prepared by spray-pyrolysis
B-10 Thomas W. Hansen Microstructure of Mo-V-Te-Nb mixed metal oxides for selective oxidation of propane to acrylic acid
B-11 Svitlana Khalameida Direct synthesis of bulk VPO catalysts by barothermal, solid-state and mechano- chemical reaction
B-12 Irina A. Korshunova Catalytic activity of supported LaMnO3 for methane oxidation
B-13 Petro P. Kostrobiy Field-induced electron density redistribution at carbon surface: many body effects
B-14 Alexander Y. Kryukov Catalytic activity for methane flameless combustion and thermal stability of nano-sized lanthanum cobaltites doped with Ce, Pr and Tb
B-15 Grzegorz Leniec Spectroscopic and magnetic properties of gadolinium macroacyclic and macrobicyclic complexes
B-16 Ru-Shi Liu The Study of Growth Mechanism of Gold Nanorods
B-17 Lenka Matějová Comparative Study of Different Preparation Routes for Obtaining Nanoporous Titania Nanocrystals
B-18 Zuzana Mikulová Calcined NiMgMn LDH Modified with Noble Metals in Total Oxidation of toluene
B-19 Takanori Miyake Synthesis of porous manganese oxides and carbon monoxide oxidation with them
B-20 Iwona Pełech Catalytic decomposition of ethylene on nanocrystalline cobalt
B-21 Iwona Pełech Iron-carbon nanofillers for polymers
B-22 Marcin Pisarek Microstructural and Auger Microanalytical Characterization of Cu-Hf and Cu-Ti Catalysts
B-25 Jarosław Sadło Silver Clusters in Molecular Sieves
B-26 Maria Luisa Saladino Characterization of Nd-MCM41 obtained by impregnation
B-27 Evgeniy P. Sheshin New method of carbon nanofibers synthesis for nanocatalysis applications
B-28 Agnieszka Sniechota Catalytic properties of polypyrrole-platinum nanocomposites
B-29 Janusz W. Sobczak Gold supported on ceria and ceria-alumina promoted by molibdena for complete hydrocarbons oxidation
B-30 Yuri Suchorski Determination and fine tuning of the cerium oxidation state in cerium calixarene complexes
B-31 Volodymyr Sydorchuk Preparation of VPO-catalysts on supports of different nature
B-32 Tien-Hsiang Tsai Synthesis and Electrochemical Characteristics of Highly Dispersed Platinum Nanoparticles on Different Carbon Supports for PEMFC
B-33 Adam Worsztynowicz Magneto-chemical properties of some new Ni and Co tungstates formed as NiRE2W2O10, Co2RE2W3O14 and CoRE4W3O16 where RE=Nd, Sm, Eu,Gd and Er and M=Ni, Co
B-34 Nelly Zakarina Nanosized Pt and Pd containing catalysts immobilised on pillared montmorillonite in n-hexane isomerisation
B-35 Michał Maryniak Temperature dependence of the FMR spectra of polymer composites with nanocrystalline α-Fe/C filler
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