Annealing ambient effect of the phase formation in the Ni(10nm)/C(2nm)/Si(001) thin film system

Olena Chukhrai 1Yurii Makogon 1Olena P. Pavlova 1Anna Mogilatenko 2Gunter Beddies 2

1. National Technical University of Ukraine KPI, pr.Peremogy 37, Kyiv 03056, Ukraine
2. Chemnitz University of Technology, Institute of Physics, 70, Raichenhainer str., Chemnitz 09126, Germany


Annealing ambient effect on the phase formation in the Ni(10nm)/C(2nm)/Si(001) thin film system obtained by magnetron sputtering was under investigation. Specimens were annealed for 30 sec in the vacuum at 1.3*10-4Pa and in the flow of nitrogen in the temperature range 400-1000°C. Temperature stimulated solid-state reactions that occur as the result of interdiffusion processes between layers under investigations were examined by metods of x-ray and electron diffraction, resistivity measurements and Rutherford backscattering. It was established that an annealing ambient influences on the development of the solid-state reactions in the Ni(10nm)/C(2nm)/Si(001) thin film system. The sublayer of carbon and oxygen of a residual atmosphere are slow down solid-state reactions of the formation silicide phases of the nickel. Result of it is displaced up the area of existence NiSi to 950°С.

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Presentation: Poster at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006, Symposium A, by Olena Chukhrai
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006

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