E-MRS Fall Meeting 2002

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oral Yury S. Kaganovskii Mass Transfer in Optical Nanocomposites Induced by Pulsed Laser Irradiation
poster A. V. Korznikov The Structure and Mechanical Properties of Low Carbon Low Alloy Steel Subjected to Severe Plastic Deformation
oral Aleksei N. Lachinov Effects SPD on the Polymer Structure and Physics Properties
oral Aleksei N. Lachinov Novel Method for Diagnostic the Structural Transformations in Nanostructured Metals
poster Yana Y. Volkova Conductivity of Nanotubes at Pressures 20 - 50 Gpa
poster Saida R. Idrisova Influence of Structure on the Microhardness of Ni3Al
oral Abhijit Biswas Nanocomposites of Vapor Phase Deposited Teflon AF Containing Nickel Clusters
poster Johann Boucle Linear Electro-Optical Effects in SiC Nanocrystals Incorporated in Polymer Matrices
poster Helena Dodziuk Molecular Modelling Study of Hydrogen Storage in (5,5) Nanotube Bundles
poster Guang Tao FEI Internal Friction Study of the Melting of PB Inclusion in AL Matrix
oral Harald Drings Electronically Tunable Properties of Nanocrystalline Metals
oral Edward Evans Continuous-Flow Synthesis of Inorganic Nanoparticles in Near-and Supercritical Water
poster Anna Gajewska The Structural and Tribological Properties of Nanocrystalline Electrochemical Coatings with Nickel Matrix
oral Janis Grabis Preparation of Silicon Carbide/Nitride Nanocomposites with Oxides or Nitrides
poster Zsolt Horvath Optimization of the Catalyst Amount and Reaction Time in Single Wall Nanotube Production
poster Małgorzata Karolus Studies on Electrodeposited Ni-Mo Nanocrystalline Alloy
oral Yury Kolobov Diffusion Induced Plasticity of Nanostructured Metals
poster Igor Zhikharev Structure Changes Caused by the Stress Gradient in Subsurface Layers of Germanium Single Crystals
poster Pawel Szroeder Two-Temperature EPR Measurements of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
poster Isabel Miranda Salvado Sol-Gel Coatings Used As Pre-Treatment for Aluminium Alloys
poster Nikolay Krasilnikov Effect of SPD Grain Refinement and Peculiarity of Structure and Mechanical Properties of UFG Ni
poster Janis Maniks Mechanical Properties of Deformed Interfaces in Bimetallic Joints
oral Markus Pridohl Industrial Gas Phase Synthesis of Nanoscaled Oxides and Inorganic Nanocomposites
poster Marek Psoda Order-Disorder Transformation of NiAl Induced by Mechanical Milling
oral Cecile Reynaud Synthesis and Properties of Light-Emitting Silicon Nanocrystals
poster Mykola Yusupov Laser Assisted Formation of SiC Nano-Tips for Field Emission Application
poster Valentinas Snitka Structural Changes of TiO2 Thin Films with Reactive Annealing
oral Valentinas Snitka Nanotechnology Research in Lithuania
oral Margit Zacharias Size-Controlled Si Nanocrystals for Photonic and Electronic Applications
poster Svetlana I. Pomogailo Cluster-Containing Polymers as Precursors of Metal-Nanoparticles
oral Robert W. Cahn The Evolution of Materials Science
poster Anna Sypień The Influence of Nanocrystalization of the FeSiB Amorphous Alloy by Means of Nd: YAG Pulsed Laser Heating on Magnetic Properties.
poster Zbigniew K. Brzozowski Starch Modificates of High Viscosity
oral Diletta Sciti Ultrafine SiC Produced via Liquid Phase Sintering
poster Valeri V. Shilov Influence of LiClO4 Addition on Structure and Miscibility Features of PEO-PPO-PEO Block Copolymer and its Blends with PMMA Homopolymer
poster Vladimir G. Syromyatnikov Light-Sensitive Blends and Composites for Photoresist Technologies with New Components
poster Valeriy M. Yashchuk Functional Copolymer Systems for Nano-Electronics and Nanophotonics
poster Vladislav Kudrya The Excited States and Energy Transfer in Some Functional Multicomponent Systems
poster Sergiy P. Senchurov New Method of Studying the Boundary Layers in Polymer Composite Fibers Using Acoustical Interferometer
poster Ryszard J. Kaleńczuk Diameter control of single-walled carbon nanotubes by selective oxidation
oral Jean-François Hochepied Room-Temperature Precipitation of Zinc Oxide Particles: Building Submicronic Particles with Nanocrystals
poster Wojciech Musial Possibilities of Obtaining Smooth Surfaces in the Process of Microgrinding Under Conditions of Plastic Flow of Brittle Materials
oral Maria Ujue Gonzalez Size Control of Self-Assembled Quantum Wires for Emission Wavelength Engineering
oral Maria Ujue Gonzalez The Role of Stress and Stress Anisotropy in Semiconductor Nanostructures Self-Assembling
poster Nan-Loh Yang Polymer Nanocomposites
poster Dina V. Lotsko High-Strength Aluminum-Based Alloys Hardened by Quasicrystalline Nanoparticles
poster Dina V. Lotsko Indentation Technique for Determination if Mechanical Behavior of Nanomaterials (Bulk and Coatings)
poster Andrzej Pawlak Polypropylene nanocomposites - Preparation and Properties
poster Przemysław Rybiński Mineral nanofillers obtained via cryogenic dezaggregation method
oral Andrzej Siemaszko Centers of Excellence in Poland
poster Agnieszka Opalińska Microwave-Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanostructured Pr-Doped Zirconia Powders
poster Agnieszka Opalińska Structure, Morphology and Luminescence Properties of Pr-doped Nanocrystalline ZrO2 Obtained by Hydrothermal Method
poster Anna Boczkowska Morphology and Properties of Urea-Urethane Nanocomposites Obtained from Crystalline Prepolymers with Different Chemical Structure
poster Steponas Asmontas Microwave Response of La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 Thin Films and La2/3Ca1/3MnO3/LaNiO3 Heterostructures
poster Donats Millers Luminescense of Nanosize ZrO2
poster Gulzhian I. Dzhardimalieva Frontal Polymerization of Metal-Containing Monomers as a Way for Synthesis of Polymer Nanocomposites
oral Ewa Benko The Structure Formation of Al2O3 Nanoceramics at High Pressure Sintering
oral Krzysztof Haberko Zirconia Nanopowders-Preparation, Characteristics and Sintering
oral Nathalie C. Herlin-Boime Synthesis of SiC Nanoparticles and Optical Properties
oral Horst Hahn Plasticity of Nanocrystalline Materials
poster Jaroslaw Janicki Time Resolved SAXS and WAXD Studies on Nanostructure of Selected Polymer Materials
poster Jarosław Ferenc Magneticaly Soft Fe-Co-Based Nanocrystalline Alloys
poster Joanna Cabaj Studies Toward Practical Synthesis of Bis(Phenyl)Pyrimidines Family - Nanomaterials for Electronic
oral Yulia Ivanisenko The Strain Induced Cementite Dissolution in Carbon Steels-Experimental Facts and Theoretical Approach
poster Jerzy Latuch Nanocrystalization of Al-Mn-Ni-Fe Alloys by Devitrification
oral Krzysztof J. Kurzydlowski Stereology of Nanomaterials
oral Krzysztof J. Kurzydlowski Materials Research in Poland
poster Katarzyna Konopka Studies of Ni-P Thin Films by Electroles Deposition Method
oral Terence G. Langdon Processing and Properties of Bulk Ultrafine-Grained Materials
oral Marcin K. Leonowicz Targeted Research Project: Metallic, Ceramic and Organic Nanomaterials: Processing - Structure - Properties - Applications
poster Laura Perchuc Nanostructure Formation on the Surface of Railway Tracks and Wheelsets
poster Ludomir Ślusarski Importance of the Surface Layer for Polymer Materials
poster Ludomir Ślusarski Mineral Nanofillers Obtained via Kryogenic Dezaggregation
poster Łukasz P. Kaczmarek Importance of the surface layer for polymer materials
poster Andrzej Maziewski A Noble Metals Overlayer Induced Changes of Magnetic Ordering in Ultrathin Cobalt Film
poster Jacek Michalik Paramagnetic Silver Clusters in Molecular Sieves: Zeolite RHO
oral Mike Leszczynski The Blue Laser
poster Urszula Narkiewicz Preparation of the Nanocrystalline Iron Carbide in Reaction of Iron with Methane or Methane/Hydrogen Mixture
oral Ludmila Paritskaya Size Dependent Diffusion Penetrability of Nanostructures
oral Robert R. Piticescu Modelling Hydrothermal Synthesis of Ceramic Composite Nanomaterials
oral Anatolii D. Pomogailo Kinetics and Mechanism of the Formation of Self-Organized Metal-Polymer Nanocomposites
poster Judita Puišo The Influence of Si Pretreatment on the Growth of PbS Thin Films in the Silar Technique
oral Henryk Puszkarski Magnonic Crystals - the Magnetic Counterpart of Photonic Crystals
poster Rafal Wrobel Study of the Kinetics of the Nitriding of the Nanocrystalline Iron Using the TG and XRD Methods
poster Rafal Wrobel The XRD Method of the Determination of the Size Distribution of the Nanocrystalline Materials
poster Robert Fedyk Microwave Driven Hydrothermal Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanopowders
poster Tomasz Strachowski Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanopowders with Microwaves Applications
oral Ulrich Herr Physics of Nanocrystalline Luminescent Ceramics
oral Ruslan Z. Valiev United Approach to the Description of Diffusion in Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Grain Boundaries and its Application to Nanomaterials
oral Marcel Van de Voorde The Frontiers Knowledge in Materials Science
poster Vasil P. Yashchuk Spectral Properties of the Dye Activated Polymers with Added Fine Scattered Particles
poster Vasil P. Yashchuk The Dye Activated Polymers with Added Fine Scattered Particles as New Lasing Media
oral V. G. Pushin The Nanostructured Tini Shape-Memory Alloys: New Properties and Applications
oral Joerg Weissmueller Phase Equilibrium in Nanoscale Alloys
oral Stanisław Gierlotka Synthesis of Nanocomposites Based on Superhard Ceramic Nanopowders
oral Zbigniew Pakieła Mechanical Tasts of Nanocrystalline Specimens
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