15th Summer School on Crystal Growth - ISSCG-15

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Agnes M. Adamski Synthesis and crystal growth of REFeAsO1-xFx (RE = La, Nd)
Sabah E. Algarni Temperature dependence of the electrical conductivity and Hall effect of thallium gallium disulphide single crystals
Mikołaj Amilusik Homoepitaxial HVPE-GaN growth on non-polar and semi-polar seeds
Pavel Arhipov Features molybdenum heating in an inert environment.
Harutoshi Asakawa Direct measurement of growth kinetics of elementary steps on ice basal faces
Harutoshi Asakawa Thermodynamic stabilities of two types of quasi-liquid layers on basal faces of ice crystals
Emily Asenath-Smith Hierarchically-structured inorganic-inorganic composite materials formed by crystal growth in hydrogels
Mikołaj Badura Technology of high-efficiency solar cells utilising dilute nitride semiconductors
Hanife Bas Dielectric Properties of  TlSbSe2 Ternary Compounds
Robert Beck Single crystal growth and characterization of superconducting Na1-deltaFeAs and Na1-deltaFe1-xTMxAs with TM = Co, Ni, Rh, Pd
Giacomo Benassi Vapour Phase Growth of PbO Nanowires With Extreme Aspect Ratio 
Alexander Berg Growth and characterization of wurtzite GaP nanowires with control over axial and radial growth by use of in-situ etching.
Katarzyna A. Bielak Estimation of uniformity of GaInNAs quantum wells based on HRXRD measurements
Rafał Bombolewski Modeling of growth of graphene on SiC substrate
Mircea Cablea Directional solidification of Silicon under the influence of traveling magnetic field
Mahesh D. Chaudhary Growth and characterization of tin sulfide single crystal
Kaspars Dadzis Up-scaling of crystal growth processes
Wojciech Dawidowski Photoluminescence of (In, Ga)(As, N) triple quantum wells - the effect of rapid thermal annealing
Sathish Chander Dhanabalan Low temperature vapour phase growth of vertically aligned ZnO nanowires on PED and sputtered ZnO:Al TCO substrates
Jose H. Dias da Silva Effects of substrate orientation, temperature and energetic atomic collisions on the structure of GaN and TiO2 films grown by reactive sputtering
Michael Dietzsch Precipitation and crystallization of CaCO3, MgCO3 and Ca(1-x)MgxCO3 in ionic liquids
Simon Fleischmann Growth of thick AlxGa1-xN layers on sapphire by hydride vapor phase epitaxy
Evgeniy Galenin Optimization of bottom heater parameters at growth of large BGO crystals by conventional czochralski method
Markus Gellesch Crystal growth across dimensions: A comparison of macroscopic and nanoscale single crystals growth of the Heusler compound Co2FeGa
Evgenia Gridneva Effect of carrier gas on the optical and structural properties of GaN
Jan Grym Epitaxial growth on porous substrates
Michael Hahne Czochralski crystal growth of intermetallic compounds from high-temperature solutions
Erik Häusler Extractive crystallization for recovery of itaconic acid
Yujirou Hirota Selective growth of (001) GaAs with graphene mask
Yubin Hu The effect of pH on calcium carbonate polymorphs precipitated from aqueous solutions at 0oC
Qiangqiang Hu Crystal growth of CaGdAlO4 by Cz method
Takumi Isogai Two-dimensional crystallization of DNA-functionalized nanoparticles via lipid diffusion in supported lipid bilayers
Ellen M. Jensen Hedegaard Exploiting Inherent Thermodynamic Effects in Crystal Growth to Achieve Functionally Graded Thermoelectrics.
Pageerathy Kantharoopan Facet Specific Surface Properties of Pharmaceutical Solids
Srinivasan Karuppannan Effect of stirring speed on nucleation control and separation of α and β polymorphs of L-glutamic acid by swift cooling crystallization process
Pawel Kempisty Density Functional Theory (DFT) study of GaN(0001) surface in ammonia rich conditions - influence of doping type
Vipulkumar Kheraj Growth and Characterizations of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin-Films Synthesized by Successive Ion Layer Adsorption and Reaction
Kristin Kliemt Ferromagnetic QCP in YbNi4(P1-xAsx)2
Kamil Klosek Optimization of nitrogen plasma source parameters for growth of GaN by MBE
Dominika M. Kochanowska SEM studies of the etched surface of (Cd,Mn)Te
Anna Kosinova Peculiarities of the growth and structure formation of new KDP:Al2O3·nH2O composite material
Marcin Łapiński Preparation and structure investigations of nanocrystalline lithium titanate powder prepared by sol-gel method
Leslie Lhomond Silicon crystallization by Kyropoulos process for photovoltaic applications
Fanni Lorenzo From wedges to pyramids. The influence of the precursor gas ratio on the surface morphology of MOCVD-ZnO
Matúš Mihalik Preparation of NdMn1-xFexO3+δ single crystals – effect of preparation atmosphere and iron doping
Antonia Morherr Single crystals by vapor and solution growth of organic semiconductors
Deepa S. Narang Electrical, Optical and Surface Microtopographic studies of Mo0.25W0.75Se2 Single Crystals grown by DVT Technique
Marco Negri Influence of synthesis temperature on SiC nanowires structure and shape
Monika Oboz Comparison of magnetic properties of the monocrystalline and microcrystalline Gd7Pd3 compound
Ahmad Omar Floating zone growth of Co2Cr1-xFexAl  Heusler compounds
Daniel Oriwol The Formation of Subgrain Boundaries During Block-Casting of Multicrystalline Silicon studied by Synchrotron X-Ray Topography
Rajendra Prasad Pathak Growth and Structural Studies of Compounds of TMDC Single Crystals
Jeff H. Peterson A Comprehensive Model of the Growth of Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) by the Traveling Heater Method (THM)
Joice Sophia Ponraj Growth and Nanomechanical Studies of Semiconducting Epilayers
Alexandra Popescu Numerical study of the influence of the melt rotation on the impurities diffusion in a directional solidification process of multicrystalline silicon
Marta Prześniak Different morphologies of V2O5 crystals
Viktoriia V. Romanchuk Influence of growth conditions on luminescent and scintillation characteristics of undoped  BaBrI crystals
Lalit K. Saini Strongly Coupled Electron Quantum Layers
Marta Sawicka Semipolar and nonpolar AlGaN growth mechanisms under N-rich conditions in PAMBE
Kevin L. Schulte Characterization of thick InxGa1-xAs metamorphic buffer layers grown by HVPE
Dimple Shah Synthesis of La2Ce2O7 nanoparticles by co-precipitation method and its characterization.
Elena Simone Monitoring and control of polymorphic transformation of anthranilic acid using in situ Raman, UV, NIR, PVM and FBRM
Aleksandra Skuta Electronic structure of nanocrystals YF3­­: RE
Marta Sobanska Growth and properties of inclined GaN nanowires on Si(001) substrates by PAMBE
Tomasz Sochacki Preparation of free-standing GaN substrates from thick GaN layers crystallized by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy on ammonothermally grown GaN seeds
Laura Spix  Complete deracemisation of proteinogenic amino acids using Viedma ripening
Ludwig Stockmeier Formation of dislocations in highly doped n-type Czochralski silicon
Hannes Stummer Floating zone crystal growth of hard magnetic binary Mn72Ga28
Hiromoto Susawa The Right and Not Right Solutions for the Model of Growth from Supersaturated Liquid Solution
Stepan Svoboda Electronic and diffusion properties of Li in III-V semiconductors
Natalia A. Szreder Nanocrystallities in iron oxide glasses
Tomasz Szymański GaN epitaxy on Si substrates for electronics device applications
Agnieszka Szysiak Influence of annealing process on SrLaAlO4: Mn nanocrystals obtained by sol-gel method
Xue Tang Evemination of crystallisation in biodiesel fuels prepared from hydrogenated vegetable oils in relation to their cold flow behaviour
Yutao Tao Modeling of Particle Engulfment during the Growth of Multicrystalline Silicon for Solar Cells
Jürg Thüring Non-agglomerated and monodispersed calcium phosphate crystals synthesized in organic solvents
Natalija Van Well The stable phases of the Cs2CuCl4-xBrx mixed systems
Olesia Voloshyna Superheavy scintillators based on REAO4 compounds (RE= rare earth element,  A= V, Ta and Nb)
Sebastian Wachowski High resolution SEM imaging of non-conducting ceramics.
Kerry P. Wang Modeling the Migration of Tellurium-Rich, Second-Phase Particles in Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) via Temperature Gradient Zone Melting (TGZM)
Michał J. Winiarski Synthesis and single crystal growth of pentastrontium trilead zinc dodecaoxide (Sr5Pb3ZnO12)
Jian-Jun Xu Global stabilities and selection of steady lamellar eutectec growth in directional solidification.
Jian-Jun Xu global theory of deep cellular growth in directional solidification
Weiguo Zhang Single Crystal Growth, Characterization, and Properties of Multifunctional Materials LiMP2O7 (M = Fe, Cr)
Gan Zhang Crystallization of biomorphic aragonite in silica gel
Boyang Zou In-situ Raman Monitoring of Inorganic Crystal Dissolution and Crystallization of Burkeite
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