E-MRS Fall Meeting 2004

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Presenting person
D-01 Leszek Tarkowski Application of Si-strip detector in X-ray crystallographic texture measurement
D-02 Piotr Wiacek Design optimisation of silicon strip detectors for position-sensitive measurements of X-rays
D-03 Michael Schlapp Ceramic and structured neutron image plates based on KCl:Eu^{2+}-LiF
D-04 Daniele M. Trucchi Diamond-based X-ray detectors
D-05 Gennaro Conte Diamond photoconductive structures for X-rays beam monitoring
D-06 Giuseppe Bertuccio Silicon carbide for room and high temperature X-ray detectors
D-07 František Dubecký Performance study of monolithic line radiation detector based on semi-insulating GaAs using X-rays source
D-08 Bob B. He Two-dimensional X-ray diffraction for micro-area and thin film
D-09 Andrzej Zieba Some experiments with silicon strip detector
D-10 Wojciech Paszkowicz Sensitivity of a genetic algorithm to the mutation rate parameter value: results for a crystallographic test
D-11 Wojciech Paszkowicz Rietveld refinement of powder diffraction data collected with a laboratory diffractometer equipped with a linear X-ray detector
D-12 Roman Minikayev X-ray diffraction studies of thermal-expansion with the use of 1D detectors installed at synchrotron beamlines
D-13 Giora Kimmel Characterization of intermediate phases of Y-RE oxides by using image plate Guinier camera
D-14 J.M. Yi Microstructure of dislocation slip-band in p/p+ Si (001) by white beam diffraction topography and x-ray diffractometry
D-15 J.M. Yi Grain orientation-location measurement by combined use of x-ray topography with diffractometry
D-16 Edyta Piskorska Total electron yield X- ray absorption applied for hard materials studies
D-17 Rafał Rakowski Application of a CCD detector for pulsed x-ray radiography of a gas jet target for laser-matter interaction experiments
D-18 Iraida N. Demchenko Analysis of stress in buried Ge layers by means of X-ray fluorescence
D-19 Andrian V. Kuchuk Structural analysis of reactively sputtered W-Ti-N thin films
D-20 Jerzy Ciosek Phase relationships in annealed Cu-Al-O layers
D-21 Marcin T. Klepka The single particles approach of x-ray miroanalysis for estimation a phase composition of altered ilmenite used in pigments production
D-22 Monika S. Walczak X-ray fluorescence detection of iron in diaminoacid derivatives of protoporhyrin IX.
D-23 Cassandra E. Szoeke Pilot study of the utility of diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging in lateralising non-lesional temporal lobe epilepsy.
D-24 Slawomir Kret Quantitative study of Cd atoms distribution in CdTe/ZnTe quantum dots superlattice by HRTEM
D-25 Sergei Malyshev Crystalline structure and surface morphology of Dy_xO_y films grown on Si
D-26 Marcin Żak Image processing of HREM micrograph for determination size distribution of Co nanocrystals in Cu matrix
D-27 Dorota Klinger Modification of the nanostructure of the amorphised Si near-surface layer
D-28 Ivan V. Kurilo Equilibrium vapor composition in the Pb - I_2 system and mass transport in the PbI_2 - I_2 system
D-29 Oleg Lytvynenko Bolometers on macroporous silicon
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