E-MRS Fall Meeting 2004

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Presenting person
G-01 Gianguido Baldinozzi Nanostructure, nanochemistry and grain boundary conductivity of yttria-doped zirconia
G-02 BREZOI A. Dragos Viorel New Nano-Sized Sensing Drug and Its Medical Application
G-03 Dariusz Hreniak Structural and luminescence properties of yttrium-aluminum garnet (YAG) nanoceramics
G-04 Janusz Jaglarz Irradiance measurements of electroluminescence PAQ films
G-05 Janusz Jaglarz Temperature dependencies of optical parameters of 1H[3,4-b]chinoline films used in electroluminescence devices
G-06 Pavel V. Kazakevich Formation of core-shell nanoparticles under laser ablation of copper and brass in liquids
G-08 Stanisław Łabuś Forming of hollow spherical ceramic nanoparticles by spray pyrolysis method
G-09 Olga Osmolowskaia Magnetic properties of iron-organic nanostructures
G-10 Athanasios D. Papargyris Synthetic methods of nanosized tin dioxide
G-11 Katarzyna Konopka Polymer matrix composites with nanoparticles of TiC obtained by a sol-gel method
G-12 Tomasz Strachowski Influence of synthesis conditions on the particles size and the morphology of zinc oxide nanopowders
G-13 Daisuke Suzuki Preparation and characterization of function localized microspheres
G-14 Agnieszka Opalińska An FT-IR Spectroscopic Investigation of Hydroxide Groups in Nano-Crystals of ZrO2.
G-15 Yasumasa TAKAO Non Oxide Spherical Particle Synthesis by Liquefied Petroleum Gas Firing
G-16 Natalie V. Kamanina Self-organization and dynamic characteristics study of nanostructured liquid crystal compounds
G-17 Mateusz Kempinski Spin localization on carbon nanoparticles: Activated Carbon Fibers studied by EPR and electric resistivity measurements
G-19 Wioletta Gorczyńska-Zawiślan cBN composites with nanosized binding phase
G-20 Olga V. Narygina HiPCO single-wall carbon nanotubes under pressures up to 50 GPa: Electrical properties
G-21 Izabella Legocka Preliminary study on application PE filler modified by radiation
G-22 Ewelina A. Zawadzak Polyurethane-boehmite nanocomposite
G-23 Emilia V. Pecheva Hydroxyapatite growth on surfaces modified by CdSe or Si nanoparticles embedded in SiOx thin films
G-24 Emilia V. Pecheva Natural opal as a model system for studying the process of biomineralization
G-25 Viktor V. Strelchuk Radiative electron-hole recombination and degradation processes in thiol-stabilized CdTe nanocrystals
G-26 Nikolai V. Tarasenko Laser-induced size and shape transformation of silver colloidal nanoparticles
G-27 Victor A. LYKAH Sensitivity of carrier spectrum in semiconducting nanowire to adsorbed molecules
G-28 Jin Young Kim Surfactant-Assisted Low Temperature Synthesis of Shape-Controlled TiO_2 Nanoparticles
G-29 Sophie Barrau Effect of pamlitic acid on carbon nanotubes - epoxy resin composites
G-30 Agnieszka Opalińska Grain Size and Grain Size Distribution of Nanocrystalline Pr-doped Zirconia Powders Obtained in High Pressure Microwave Reactor
G-31 Jakub Michalski Sintering temperature effect on structure and properties of Al2O3/Ni-P composites with interpenetrating phases
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