E-MRS Fall Meeting 2004

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September 7th, Tuesday

14:00 00:20:00 oral Alexey N. Babushkin Application of diamond anvils techniques for studying nanostructure formation in massive materials directly during severe plastic deformations
14:20 00:20:00 oral Nikolay A. Krasilnikov Excellent mechanical properties of UFG metals and alloys, subjected to combination of severe plastic deformation methods.
14:40 00:20:00 oral Jan M. Dutkiewicz Structure and mechanical properties of ball milled TiAl-Cr intermetallics consolidated by hot pressing and pulse plasma sintering
15:00 00:20:00 oral Kandukuri Y. Sastry Densification and characterization of nanocrystalline hypereutectic Al-Si-Fe-X alloy powder compacts produced by mechanical milling and field assisted sintering
15:50 00:45:00 invited oral Claire-Marie PRADIER Oxy-dehdrogenation of NH3, Reduction of N2O on Cu(110), two challenging reactions investigated by combining in situ FT-IRAS and kinetics measurements

September 8th, Wednesday

09:30 00:20:00 oral Ludmila Paritskaya Kinetics of Phase Formation in Mechanically Alloying Ni-Al and Fe-Al Powder Systems
09:50 00:20:00 oral Pravin P. Deshpande Corrosion control by conducting polyaniline
10:10 00:20:00 oral Pravin P. Deshpande Characterisation of conducting polyaniline coatings
11:00 00:20:00 oral Jinn P. Chu Annealing-Induced Solid-State Amorphization and Nanocrystallization in Metallic Thin Films
11:20 00:20:00 oral Fei Hu fabrication and investigation of Ni-SiC nanocomposites under triangular waveform
11:40 00:20:00 oral Wanda Zagozdzon-Wosik Refractory metallic borides used for gate electrode applications in CMOS integrated circuits
12:00 00:20:00 oral Wanda Zagozdzon-Wosik Formation of contacts and ultra shallow junctions using diborides of Ti, Zr and Hf
14:00 00:20:00 oral Pablo Ordejon First-principles simulations of the reactivity of barrier layers of Ti, Ta and W and their nitrides towards precursors for CVD copper deposition
14:20 00:20:00 oral Sławomir Kukiełka Structure and Tribological Properties of Copper/Carbon Composite Films
14:40 00:20:00 oral Edward Szłyk Influence of structural and thermal properties of new CVD precursors of copper and silver on the quality and morphology of nanometallic layers.
15:00 00:20:00 oral Satoshi Tomita Independent tuning of particle diameter and interparticle spacing in Ni nanoparticle systems
15:50 00:45:00 invited oral Federico Rosei Properties of Complex Molecules at Metal Surfaces
16:35 00:20:00 oral Wojciech Szuszkiewicz Influence of hydrogen adsorption on magnetic properties of Fe films and multilayers

September 9th, Thursday

09:00 00:45:00 invited oral Józef Barnaś Transport through magnetic grains in the Coulomb blockade regime
09:45 00:20:00 oral Nikolaos Gouskos Ferromagnetic resonance from nanoparticle agglomerates in nonmagnetic matrices
10:05 00:20:00 oral Samsudi Sakrani Giant Magnetoresistance Dependence of Film Thickness, Annealing Temperature, Multilayer and Gas Rate in Layered Co/Cu/Co Nanotructures
11:00 00:30:00 invited oral Herbert E. Pfnuer Geometrical and electrical properties of ultrathin epitaxial metal nanostructures on flat and vicinal silicon surfaces.
11:30 00:20:00 oral Nail R. Chamsoutdinov A study of surface and segregation energies of single crystalline Cu by means of XPS
11:50 00:20:00 oral Herve Guyot Characterization of cleaved surfaces of metallic bronzes.
12:10 00:20:00 oral Bernard Gruzza Elastic Peak Electron Spectroscopy: metal surface analysis.
14:00 00:20:00 oral Michał Ćwil Ultra-low energy SIMS depth profile analysis of MOVPE grown InAlGaAs/AlGaAs/GaAs nanostructures
14:20 00:20:00 oral xiaoda xu Nucleation and growth of gold nanoparticle
14:40 00:20:00 oral Maria F. Casula Characterization of Nanocrystalline Al2O3 Aerogels Containing Fe and Co
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