E-MRS Fall Meeting 2009

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Presenting person
D-1 Nicolas N. Berchenko The influence of laser shock waves on anodic oxide-HgCdTe interface
D-2 Nicolas N. Berchenko Effect of low ion beam milling and anodic oxidation on electrical properties of HgCdTe subsurface layers
D-3 Elena N. Budianu Metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector on silicon on insulating wafers based on nanoscale interdigitated electrodes E. Budianu, M. Purica, A. Dinescu, E. Manea
D-4 Subhananda Chakrabarti Increasing the size of InAs/GaAs multilayer coupled quantum dots with low defect density by using a InAlGaAs quaternary capping layer
D-5 Andrzej Czerwinski Silicon planar source of modulated infrared radiation
D-6 Sergei Dvoretsky Matrix 320×256 infrared long wavelength detector with inner short wavelength cut-off filter
D-7 Dmitriy G. Esaev Bolometer detectors for registration of terahertz radiation
D-8 Dmitry I. Gorn Energy-band diagrams and capacity-voltage characteristic of CdxHG1-xTe-based variband structures calculated with taking into account the dependence of electron affinity on the composition
D-9 Yuliya Gudenko Shallow acceptors in quantum wells of the Si/Si1-X Ge X   stressed heterostructures: application for detectors and sources of the Terahertz radiation
D-10 Ihor I. Izhnin Ion milling-assisted study of defect structure of HgCdTe layers grown by liquid phase epitaxy on CdZnTe substrates
D-11 Mikhail Y. Leonov Calculation of radiation defect profiles in CMT subjected to high power laser beams
D-12 Ihor Lysiuk Changes in 8-12 mm CdHgТe photodiode arrays caused by fast neutron radiation
D-13 Natalia I. Momot Use of CdxHg1-xTe compound as a material for THz and sub-THz detector
D-14 Taras L. Petrenko Nature of Ga deep centers in lead telluride based semiconductors
D-15 Alexander M. Samoylov electrical properties of lead telluride single crystals doped with bromine
D-16 Fedir F. Sizov THz/sub-THz bolometer based on electron heating in the semiconductor waveguide
D-17 Bogdan S. Sokolovskii Modeling of an IR variable-gap photodiode with the trapezoid-like profile of energy band diagram
D-19 Ihor S. Virt Electrical and optical properties of HgTe/CdTe superstructures
D-20 Alexander V. Voitsekhovskii Capacitance-voltage characteristics of MIS-structures in base on graded-band MBE Hg1-xCdxTe at passivation epitaxial grown in situ CdTe
D-21 Alexander V. Voitsekhovskii The influence of near-surface graded-band layers on electrical properties of MIS-structures in base on MBE HgCdTe
D-22 Iman Yahyaie Dynamic heterodyned polarization imaging: studying polarization dynamics in materials at gigahertz frequencies
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