E-MRS Fall Meeting 2009

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Presenting person
A-1 Adebowale O. Ajagunna Thickness dependence of electrical properties of c- and a-plane InN films  
A-2 Duc V. Dinh The influence of surfactant and the nucleation process to InN growth by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy
A-5 Thomas Kehagias Electron microscopy of InGaN nanorods spontaneously grown on Si (111) substrates
A-6 Francesco Ivaldi TEM investigation of processed  InGaN based laser grown by PAMBE on bulk GaN substrate
A-7 Slawomir Kret Inhomogeneities of InGaN/GaN MOVPE multi quantum wells grown with two temperatures process studied by transmission electron microscopy.
A-8 Huaping Lei Role of threading dislocations on Indium distribution in InGaN alloys
A-9 Wojciech M. Linhart Electrical and optical properties of Mg-doped InN
A-11 Saulius Nargelas Investigation of optical nonlinearities in InN layers by using time-resolved differential transmission and light-induced transient grating techniques
A-12 Floris Reurings Irradiation-induced defects in InN and GaN studied with positron annihilation
A-13 Filip Tuomisto Could positrons be used to study interface properties in nitride devices?
A-14 Sirona Valdueza-Felip Morphological, structural and optical properties of high-quality InN on GaN-template films deposited by RF sputtering
A-15 Tim Veal Time-resolved differential transmission and photoluminescence studies of recombination mechanisms in Mg-doped InN 
A-16 Arantxa Vilalta Clemente Structural properties of InAlN thin layers for HEMT applications
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