E-MRS Fall Meeting 2009

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Presenting person
F-1 Khalil Arshak Instant Glucose Sensing Using the AD5933 Impedance Converter
F-2 Yi-Shun Wang Investigation of hysteresis dependent sensitivity on n and p type Si3N4-EIS structures
F-3 Emilia Tomaszewska The influence of the tannic and gallic acid on the size and monodispersity of synthesized gold and silver nanoparticles
F-4 Perla E. Garcia-Casillas Effect of the increment of a polymeric chain coating over Fe3O4 particles used for magnetic separation
F-5 Ida O. Dulińska-Molak Polyurethane-based material with calcite and aragonite for tissue engineering composite scaffolds
F-6 Emilia Choińska Investigation of the DLC and novel DLC-polymer hybrid coatings using FIB and SEM techniques
F-7 Csaba Balazsi Investigation of nano hydroxyapatite prepared from eggshell and seashell
F-8 Marta E. Płońska-Brzezińska Non-cytotoxic small Carbon Nano-Onions - the first covalent functionalization with biomolecules
F-9 Maryla Moczulska Preliminary studies on degradation of polylactides fibers
F-10 Wojciech Swieszkowski Micro Sensor for cell force measurement
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