E-MRS Fall Meeting 2008

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Presenting person
L01 Monika Bil Optimization of polyurethane structure as the potential materials for bone tissue engineering applications
L02 Valeria Califano Exploring the potentiality of MAPLE technique for biopolymer coatings
L03 Filippo Causa Immobilization of bioactive moieties on polycaprolactone scaffold surface: RGD sequence bioconjugation after aminolysis
L04 Jyh-Ping Chen Synthesis of thermo-responsive hyaluronic acid based hydrogel and its application in cartilage tissue engineering using mesenchymal stem cells
L05 Emilia Choińska Preliminary examinations of mechanical properties of DLC and novel DLC-polymer hybrid coatings for resurfacing hip prostheses
L06 Gabriela Ciobanu Bioactive hydroxyapatite coatings on polyurethane implants
L07 Ivan Donati Alginate/lactose-modified chitosan hydrogels: a bioactive biomaterial for chondrocyte encapsulation
L08 Timothy Douglas Polymer-Ceramic Composite Scaffolds for Osteochondral Tissue Engineering
L09 Timothy Douglas Rapid Prototyping: Porous Titanium Alloy Scaffolds produced by Selective Laser Melting (SLM) for bone tissue engineering
L10 Timothy Douglas Ceramic scaffolds produced by rapid prototyping: characterisation and biocompatibility investigations
L11 Ida O. Dulińska-Molak Fabricationg polyurethane/calcium carbonate composite scaffold for bone tissue engineering
L12 Wojciech R. Fabianowski Nanomechanical measurements of thin dextran layers
L13 Krzysztof M. Górny The influence of graphene layer on the cholesterol lodgement: molecular dynamics simulation
L14 Jacek D. Grabarczyk Implants with carbon coatings
L15 Marcin K. Heljak Optimization of the polymeric scaffolds for bone tissue engineering fabricated by rapid prototyping method
L16 Tomasz Jaroszewicz Biodegradable and bioabsorbable polymeric - ceramic composites for medical applications
L17 Marcin Jedyński Comparative study of hydroxyapatite and hydroxyapatite mixed with bioglass coatings for metallic implants, deposited by PLD method.
L18 Ewa Kijeńska Electrospun polymeric fibers for cartilage regeneration
L19 Dong Wook Kim Kinetic study of hydroxyapatite formatioin from Ca(OH)2 and H3PO4
L20 Hisatoshi Kobayashi Structure evaluation of Porcine Cornea Decellularized by Ultra High Hydrostatical Pressurization
L21 Justyna Kokoszka Bioresorbable and bioactive PGLA/bioglass composites – mechanical properties and in vitro studies
L22 Tomasz Kurzynowski Selective Laser Melting for medical models processing from Ti alloys
L23 Chia-Chang Liu Poly(lactic acid) with a sugar moiety at a terminal group as a transdermal permeation enhancer
L24 Carlos A. Martínez Chitosan-Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes For Applications in Tissue Engineering
L25 Maryla Moczulska Investigation of cells interactions with textile scaffolds for bone tissue enginnering
L26 Barbara D. Ostrowska Culture of osteoblasts on nanostructured titanium – preliminary observation
L27 Adam Piątek The influence of fullerenol on the dynamics of nitric oxide molecule in water solvent - computer simulation
L28 Anna Pytel Novel coating materials based on sol-gel process. Preliminary investigations.
L29 Vadim Savich Features of growing of bone tissue in the porous titan received from a powder of different morphology
L30 Vadim Savich Tissue formation in cellular ceramic scaffolds for motile orbit stump
L31 Iis Sopyan   Synthesis of Mg-doped biphasic calcium phosphate via sol-gel method
L32 Barbara Staniewicz-Brudnik The effect of kind of manufacturing on the certein physico-mechanical properties of the bioglass composite
L33 Ranna Tolouei Fabrication Porous Ceramic Body by Negative Polymer Replica as a Bone Tissue Engineering Scaffold
L34 Tatyana M. Ulyanova The porous ceramic grafting material 
L35 Iis Sopyan   Porous alumina via protein foaming-consolidation method
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