E-MRS Fall Meeting 2008

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D01 Wha-Seung Ahn CO2 adsorption and catalytic property of a mesoporous chromium terephthalate metal organic framework MIL-101
D03 Luminita Andronic Kinetics of dyes photodegradation over cadmium doped TiO2
D04 Diana C. Azevedo Surface properties of MCM-41 containing aluminium and titanium
D05 Monserrat Bizarro Improvement of photocatalytic activity of TiO2 films by the adsorption of TiO2 micro-spheres
D06 Malika Boualleg Synthesis of New heterogeneous catalysts through the controlled growth of inorganic nanostructures around monodispersed metal nanoparticles.
D08 Yu Hua Cheng Titanium hydrate nanoparticles for catalytic degradation of organic dyes
D09 In-Sun Cho Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic properties of CaNb2O6 nanostructure
D10 Damien P. Debecker Non hydrolytic Sol-Gel route for the design of Mo-based metathesis catalysts
D11 Hamaizi Hadj Synthetis of silica materials mesoporous with nonylphenyl ether
D12 Gabriela Carja Self organized ensembles of LDHs particles supported with nanoparticles of Fe and Ti oxides - as new catalysts for the oxidative decomposition of chlorobenzene
D13 Jean-Francois Hochepied Photocatalytic Characteristics of Zinc Oxide Particles Precipitated from Concentrated Solutions at Low Temperatures
D14 Smain Hocine Thermal stability and acidic proprities of heteropolycompounds
D15 Hadi Hosseinzadegan A Monte Carlo Study and Optimization of Proximity Effect in a New Method of Electron-Beam Nano-Lithography using Scanning Electron Microscopy
D16 Maria I. Ivanovskaya Synthesis and structural peculiarities of Ce–Zr–La–O catalysts
D17 Paweł R. Jóźwik Analysis of catalytic properties of Ni3Al thin foils in methanol decomposition
D18 Jarosław Kaszewski Comparison of Au/ZrO2 materials prepared by precipitation and impregnation methods
D19 Bachari Khaldoun Study of the benzylation of benzene and other aromatics by benzyl chloride over chromium-mesoporous molecular sieves materials
D20 Bachari Khaldoun Catalytic properties of Ga-HMS-n materials in the tertiary butylation of phenol
D21 Masaaki Kitano Activated carbon materials as a solid acid catalyst
D22 Irina V. Kolesnik Thermal stability of porous anodic titania films
D23 Izabela S. Kunce Novel synthesis of ternary magnesium based transition metal hydrides as potential energy storage materials
D24 Galif Kutluk Synthesis and characterization of metal nanoparticles
D25 Iwona E. Malka Influence of cycling on microstructure and hydriding/dehydriding properties of nanocrystalline magnesium hydride with nanosized niobium fluoride
D26 Niels Meis Supported hydrotalcites for enhanced and stable CO2 capture
D27 Kiyotaka Nakajima Acidic Carbon Catalyst Prepared from Lignin
D28 Vladimir V. Pankov Structure and functional properties of ceramic oxygen-conducting membranes
D29 Robert R. Piticescu Novel synthesis methods of Co-doped ZnO Nanopowders
D30 Enrique Rodriguez Castellon Preferential oxidation of CO (CO-PROX) catalyzed by CuO/CeO2 supported on zirconium containing mesoporous silica
D31 Samaneh Shadmehr Visible-Light active N-doped TiO2 prepared by reaction of TiO2.nH2O
D32 Wenzhong Shen The adsorption of  amylase on mesoporous carbon and its hydrolysis property for starch
D33 Volodymyr Sydorchuk Peculiarities of non-conventional synthesis of V-Mo-O catalysts
D34 Chloe M. Thieuleux Well-Defined Single-Site Heterogeneous Ru-NHC Catalysts for the metathesis of functionalized olefin Reaction via Surface OrganoMetallic Chemistry on Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Materials
D35 Sajjad Tollabimazraehno Growth of Molybdenum Oxide Nano-Micro Structures by Thermal Annealing Process
D36 Daizo Yamaguchi Starch Saccharification by Carbon-Based Solid Acid Catalyst
D37 Weiqing Zheng Fe-Co alloy catalyst for NH3 decomposition to COx-free hydrogen
D38 Shankar Muthukonda Venkatakrishnan Nanoscale one-dimensional TiO2 photocatalytic materials for hydrogen production by solar light activated water splitting
D39 Janusz D. Fidelus Nanostructural characterization and magnetic properties of pure and Fe, Co or Mn-doped TiO2 nanopowders prepared by Solar Physical Vapor Deposition (SPVD)
D40 Dmytro Nasiedkin Application of expanded graphite in supported Ni catalysts
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