E-MRS Fall Meeting 2008

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Presenting person
H01 Nataly V. Boshytska Stability of iron-based carbon nanotubes in biological media
H02 Olena A. Ivashchenko Development of methods   for   rapid  biochemical control
H03 Carmen Moldovan Biosensor for pesticides detection in food
H04 Bożena Pietrzyk Adhesion of composite carbon-hydroxyapatite coatings deposited on 316L stainless steel
H05 Mikalai Shypitsa The estimation of the ability of the titanium surface on growth of bone tissue by chosen methods.
H06 Tatyana M. Ulyanova The Cellulose Templates   for   Nanostructured Oxide Fibers Ulyanova T.M., Vityaz P.A., Krut’ko N.P., Titova  L.V. Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of NAS of Belarus
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