E-MRS Fall Meeting 2008

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September 15th, Monday

14:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Erich Kny Principles, applications, and limitations of polymer nanocomposites,  cutting-edge materials for innovative engineering uses.
14:30 00:30:00 Invited oral Jari J. Koskinen Polymer nanocomposite development for electronic industry needs
15:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Monika Pilz New method for improving properties of polymer composites by using organic inorganic hybrid polymers

September 16th, Tuesday

09:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Mihaela A. Olaru Silsesquioxane-based hybrid nanocomposites of polymethacrylate type with self-assembling properties
09:35 00:15:00 Oral Pauline Vitoux An innovative application of polymers swelling by scCO2 : their nanostructuration with inorganic nanoparticles
09:55 00:15:00 Oral Riccardo Ruggerone Mechanical properties of highly filled latex based polystyrene-laponite nanocomposites.
10:15 00:15:00 Oral Ignacy Jakubowicz Development of polymer matrix clay nanocomposites for industrial applications using high throughput methods
11:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Mikael Skrifvars Melt spinning of carbon nanotube modified polypropylene for electrically conducting nanocomposite fibres
11:35 00:15:00 Oral Luis Antonio S. De Almeida Prado Functionalisation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) using 1,3,5-triazine: Characterisation of thermal stability and chemical structure and effect of thermal properties of epoxy resins
11:55 00:15:00 Oral Alejandra De la Vega SWCNT as cure-induced stress sensors in epoxy nanocomposites

September 17th, Wednesday

09:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Christopher J. Plummer Deformation and fracture in isotactic polypropylene glass mat thermoplastic composites modified with montmorillonite clay
09:35 00:15:00 Oral Andreas Wurm Immobilized fraction in crystallizable polymer nanocomposites
09:55 00:15:00 Oral Geta David Novel segmented polyurethane-based nanocomposites
10:15 00:15:00 Oral Clara Silvestre Setting up research-intensive clusters across the EU on characterization of polymer nanostructures - NaPolyNet
11:00 00:15:00 Oral Wai Kit Li Electrical properties of electro spun nano- fibres of PEO/carbon black composite
11:20 00:15:00 Oral Isabella R. Franchini Chemical Assembly of Semiconductor Nanocrystals in Solution
11:50 00:15:00 Oral Mohammad M. Hasani-Sadrabadi Synthesis and characterization of novel proton exchange nanocomposite membranes based on chitosan biopolymer and molecular sieves
12:10 00:15:00 Oral Jintu Fan High Dielectric Permittivity and Low Percolation Threshold in Nanocomposites Based on Poly(vinylidene fluoride) and Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplate
14:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Celeste M. Pereira Flame retardancy of thermoset polymer nanocomposites based on nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes
14:35 00:15:00 Invited oral Ivo Safarik Magnetically responsive nanocomposite materials
14:55 00:15:00 Oral Nick Tucker Cellulose acetate butyrate long fibre polyvinyl alcohol nanofibrecomposites
15:15 00:15:00 Oral Yasaman Aghili Synthesis & Characterization of Silicon Hybrids Nano Composites Containing Non-linear Optical Dyes

September 18th, Thursday

09:00 00:15:00 Oral Oleg Vasylkiv Development of FexO/chitosan meso-porous “nano-rise” for organ-specific drug delivery vessels
09:17 00:15:00 Oral Vicky Vamvakaki Biomimetically synthesized silica-carbon nano-fibre architectures for the development of highly stable electrochemical biosensor systems
09:34 00:15:00 Oral Maryam Raftari Ag/polystyrene nanocomposite formation for anti bacterial applications
09:51 00:15:00 Oral Sirinrath Sirivisoot Design of an Intelligent in situ Nanotechnology Sensor for Determining Bone Growth
10:08 00:15:00 Oral Claire Saulou Plasma-engineered polymer thin films with embedded nanosilver for prevention of microbial adhesion
11:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Volkmar Richter Evaluation of health risks of nanoparticles – a contribution to a sustainable development of nanotechnology
11:35 00:15:00 Oral Yang Yang Hierarchical 3D ZnO and their shape-preserving transformation into zinc spinel nanostructures
11:55 00:15:00 Oral Beata Kalska-Szostko Electrochemical preparation of magnetic nanowires
12:15 00:15:00 Oral Hanne Scheel Luminescent silica nanotubes and -wires from cellulose whisker templates
14:00 00:15:00 Oral Andrzej Calka Synthesis of nanoparticles using electrical discharges.
14:17 00:15:00 Oral Muhammad Bashouti Surface chemistry of non-oxidized, molecule-terminated silicon nanowires: monolayer formation, kinetic and oxidation resistance
14:34 00:15:00 Oral Marie-Alexandra G. Neouze Nanoparticles connected through an ionic linker
14:51 00:15:00 Oral Francesco Branda pHEMA-Silica Nanocomposites Through in Situ Sol-Gel Method
15:08 00:15:00 Oral Sasanka Deka Synthesis, structural and magnetic properties of magnetic metal/semiconductor nanocrystals heterostructures
16:00 00:15:00 Oral Amir Habib Fabrication of BaTiO3-PMMA Polymer Nanocomposite Thin / Thick Films and their Dielectric Properties
16:20 00:15:00 Oral Lyudmil V. Todorov Characterization of PET nanocomposites with different nanofillers

September 19th, Friday

11:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Thomas J. Graule Nickel ceramic nanocomposite by electro-less coating - synthesis and properties
11:35 00:15:00 Oral Andrey N. Streletskii “Mechanochemical” nanocomposite materials Me/X.
11:55 00:15:00 Oral Uros V. Desnica Formation of germanium nanocrystals in SiO2 matrix using RT magnetron sputtering
12:15 00:15:00 Oral Olga Morozova Ti/C and Ti/B nanocomposites: comparison of hydrogen sorption-desorption properties
14:00 00:15:00 Oral Mariella Ippolito Defects in silicon nanocrystals embedded in amorphous silicon oxide
14:20 00:15:00 Oral Kuo-Feng Lin Electronic band structures and surface states of ZnO finite well structures
14:40 00:15:00 Oral Eugenio Zapata-Solvas Enhanced high-temperature creep resistance of single-wall carbon-nanotubes-reinforced alumina polycrystals
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