E-MRS Fall Meeting 2008

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Presenting person
F01 Catalina Natalia Cheaburu Characterisation of the Chitosan/layered silicate nanocomposites
F02 Onur Yilmaz Nanocomposites based on montmorillonite/acrylic copolymers for aqueous coating of soft surfaces
F03 Shirly Partouche Synthesis and Characterization of Hybrid Silica/polyThiophene Nanocomposites of a Core-Shell Morphology
F04 Gleb Yurkov Electrical properties of composite nanomaterials, containing metal nanoparticles.
F05 Katherine A. Nezhevenko Electrical conductivity of nanocomposite materials
F06 Bogdan Kovalyuk Electrical signals in polytetrafluoroethylene matrix nanocomposites under the action of weak laser shock waves
F08 Pavel Elkin Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of Co-containing nanoparticles
F09 Malgorzata Lewandowska The influence of nanosilica on wear resistance of ceramic-polymer composites intended for dental fillings
F10 Aneta Kisielewska Preparation and characterization of organic-inorganic nanocomposites based on dithiophosphate acids/TiO2 systems
F11 Bartlomiej J. Wasniewski Thermal and mechanical properties of polyurethane nanocomposites with modified nanosilica
F12 Zoltán Ecsedi Microstructural analysis of the polyvinyl alcohol template on the porosity of nanocrystalline alumina prepared by sol-gel method
F13 Lucia I. Dumitrescu Nanocomposites based on acrylic copolymers and ZnO nanoparticles
F14 Lucia I. Dumitrescu Nanostructured coating materials based on acrylic copolymers and TiO2 nanoparticles
F15 Yashar Azizian Dielectric spectroscopy studies of sonochemically prepared CdS-PVA nanocomposites
F16 Cristina Vladuta Mechanical properties of PET- rubber composites with TiO2 additives
F17 Aurica P. Chiriac Nanostructured polymer matrices for a magnetic composite
F18 Viorica Gaina Preparation and characterization of polysulfone membranes containing Ag nanoparticles by a convenient ultraviolet irradiation technique
F19 Tatjana Ivanova Starch based biodegradable nanocomposites: structure and properties
F20 Celeste M. Pereira A study of the effect of nano-magnesium hydroxide on the flammability of epoxy resin
F21 Remo Merijs Meri Metallic filler containing polymer nanocomposites
F22 Shahin Bonakdar Effect of Freezing and Thawing Process on Betamethasone Release from Polyvinyl alcohol Nanospheres
F23 Jyh-Ping Chen Nanocomposite Ag nanoparticles-containing polyurethane/collagen nanofibrous membranes as wound dressings
F24 Andrea Travan Silver nanoparticles for antimicrobial applications
F25 Aleksandr S. Chashynsky Adsorption and acoustic properties of ordered carbon nanotube arrays.
F26 Maria J. Gomes Synthesis and characterization of hybrid sol-gel composites containing carbon nanostructures
F27 Jacques Ghijsen Fluorination of Carbon Nanotubes in CF4 Plasma
F28 Aldo Capobianchi FePt-filled Carbon Nanotubes by Wet Synthesis
F29 Jolanta Tomaszewska The determination of glass transition temperature of nanocomposites PVC/CNT    
F30 Ilze Elksnite Manufacturing and investigation of CNT/polymer nanocomposites
F31 Jan Sumfleth Enhanced dispersion of MWCNTs and synergistic properties in multiphase epoxy nanocomposites by incorporation of inorganic nanoparticles
F32 Magdalena Kwiatkowska Polyester elastomer nanocomposites with carbon nanotubes
F33 Nick Tucker An experimental study of the effect of charge density on the Taylor cone
F34 Nick Tucker Development of research electrospinning machines
F35 Nick Tucker In-flight charge loss from electrospinning jets
F36 Andrey Nomoev Luminescense and mechanical properties of Al2O3 nanopowder basis nanoceramics
F37 Dzmitry A. Kotsikau Formation of nano-cluster structure of γ-Fe2O3 in an amorphous SiO2 matrix
F38 Iwona E. Malka Hydrogen absorption and desorption kinetics of magnesium hydride nanocomposite with nanosized metal oxides as catalysts
F39 Maciej Tuliński Mechanical and corrosion properties of Ni-free austenitic stainless steel/hydroxyapatite nanocomposites
F40 Marie-Alexandra G. Neouze Ionic liquid entrapped in metallic silver
F41 Katarzyna Niespodziana Mechanical and corrosion properties of titanium – hydroxyapatite nanocomposites
F42 Yuri Kudryavtsev Application of the spectroscopic ellipsometry for studying of the ТіSi2 silіcide formation induced by thermal annealing of the Ті/Si multilayered films 
F43 Hanna Bandarenka Cu-Si nanocomposites based on porous silicon matrix
F44 Paweł Figiel Effect of heat treatment on Ti(C,N)-SiC-Si3N4 -C ceramic  nanocomposites
F45 Mariajose López-Tendero Hybrid nanocomposite coatings for application in construction materials: tribological study 
F46 Ilmars Zalite Production of fine-grained α-SiAlON ceramics from nanopowders
F47 Anna Bajorek Magnetic properties and caloric effect in the Gd(Ni1-x Fex)3 /Cu nanocomposites
F48 Yong Choi Characterization of Nano-sized Ba-Mg Ferrite Powders Prepared through Self-propagating High Temperature Synthesis Reaction and Mechanical Milling
F49 Weekyung Kang Enhanced gas sensing behaviour at room temperature of doped Ga2O3 nanowire grown by thermal evaporation method
F50 Ji Eun Lee Colouring anodization of AZ31 Mg alloy
F51 Perla E. Garcia-Casillas Synthesis of Cobalt ferrite nanowires using FeOOH as a template
F52 Inyu Park Fabrication of Sm0.5Sr0.5CoO3 cathode thin films for IT-SOFC by Electrostatic Spray Depositon
F53 Jongmo Im Lanthanum strontium manganite films prepared by air-blast spray deposition technique
F54 Elti Cattaruzza A solid-state route for the synthesis of metal nanocluster composite glasses
F55 Dmytro I. Popovych Photoluminescent properties of doped ZnO nanopowders
F56 Iuliia V. Iermolaieva Obtaining of luminescent core-shell hetero-nanoparticles SiO2(core)/ZnO(shell) for photonic application
F57 Ju-Young Lee Characterization of n-MgxZn1-xO/ZnO/p-GaN double heterostructure grown by pulsed laser deposition
F58 Yury V. Ryabchikov Charge Carrier Transport Investigation in Oxide Matrix Containing Silicon Nanocrystals of Different Size
F59 Tetyana A. Savchuk Optical and magneto-optical studies of composite materials containing semimagnetic semiconductor nanoparticles
F60 Gleb Yurkov Synthesis of metal-containing nanoparticles fixed on the SiO2 matrix
F61 Vitaly V. Novikov Thermal conductivity of the nanocomposites with chaotic structure
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