E-MRS Fall Meeting 2008

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Presenting person
Iryna V. Uvarova Development of methods for rapid biochemical control over the effect of iron based nanopowders on human organizm
Iryna V. Uvarova Electronic structure and thermodynamical properties of the multiphased Cr-Si 
I01 Paulina Bednarek Gelcasting in moulding of ceramic powders with application of new monomers
I02 Katarzyna Konopka Investigation of compaction of diatoms by die pressing and slip casting method  
I03 Victor I. Kulik Ceramic Composites With SiC Matrix Produced By Liquid Silicon Infiltration Process For Frictional Applications
I04 Victor I. Kulik Experimental And Theoretical Study of CVI Process Production of Composites With SiC Matrix From Methylsilane
I05 Viktor Lyashenko Modeling and Automation of Pressing Processes in Powder Metallurgy
I07 Igor V. Shishkovsky Layer by Layer Laser Synthesis of 3D Ceramic MEMS from Oxide Powder Mixtures.
I08 Tatyana M. Ulyanova Ceramic composites from nanostructured powders  
I09 Paweł Wiśniewski Water-thinnable poly(urethanecarbamide) dispersions in die pressing of alumina
I10 Yin Ye Synthesis of pyrochlore-free Pb(Ni1/3Nb2/3O3)-PbTiO3 powders and ceramics via an organics-assisted solid state reaction
I11 Teresa Zaremba Molten salt synthesis and characterization of Bi4Ti3O12 crystals
I12 Teresa Zaremba Morphology control of K0.5Bi0.5TiO3 and Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 ferroelectric ceramic powders by molten salt synthesis
I13 Teresa Zaremba Investigations on synthesis and microstructure of potassium titanates
I14 Paweł Falkowski Effect of carboxyl group in monosaccharide ring on viscosity of nanometric alumina suspension
I15 Nataliia Konig Layered Molybdenum and Tungsten Dichalcogenides nanosized powders
I16 Volodymyr Sydorchuk Mechanochemical synthesis and some properties of barium titanate nanooparticles
I17 Lev A. Trusov Synthesis of submicron SrFe12-xAlxO19 particles with very high coercitivity
I18 Mariusz Andrzejczuk Microstructural and mechanical characterization of zirconia based composite
I19 Iegor Brodnikovskyi Mechanical behavior of NiO-10Sc1CeSZ ceramics in high-temperature hydrogen environment
I20 Maria J. Gomes Evaluation of residual stress in PZT films produced by laser ablation using X-Ray Diffraction and Raman spectroscopy
I21 Eva Gregorová Effective properties of ceramic matrix composites
I22 Zbigniew Jaegermann Mechanical properties of functional alumina/polyurethane biocomposite
I23 Young-Uk Kwon Mesoporous silica thin film with ordered lamellar structure with properties for hard-coating and low-k materials
I25 Gaida Sedmale Phase development and properties of high-temperature ceramic in the system mullite-ZrO2
I26 Mikalai Shypitsa Influence of ceramic inclusions on structure and properties of composite materials on the basis of metals
I27 Dariusz Siemiaszko WC-6%Co composites sintered by the reactive Pulse Plasma Sintering method.
I28 Włodzimierz S. Wilk Machining of the advanced MMC and CMC composites
I29 Shauchonak A. Alex Sprayed targets from zinc oxide with additives of rare-earth compound for obtaining of multipurpose touch microsystems
I30 Nataliya V. Babayevskaya Formation and study of luminescence ceramics based on polycrystalline calcium fluorapatite doped with europium ions
I31 Ciceron A. Berbecaru Ceramic BaZn1/3Ta2/3O3 for microwave applications
I32 Grzegorz Dercz Structure, magnetic and dielectric properties of Bi5Ti3FeO15 multiferroic ceramics after high energy ball milling and free sintering process.
I33 Agata K. Dudek Plasma treatment of plasma sprayed HA coatings.
I34 Magdalena M. Dudek Ionic conductivity  in the CeO2-Sm2O3-MO (M = Ca,  Ba, Sr,) system
I36 Maria V. Golikova Oxygen-ion conducting ceramic materials based on perovskite Sr3Bi2O6
I37 Larisa Grigorjeva ZnO ceramic sintering and luminescence properties
I38 Donats Millers Excitation transfer in zirconia nanocrystals and ceramics
I39 Youn-Gon Park Luminescence and temperature dependency of β-SiAlON phosphor
I40 Youn-Gon Park Synthesis and luminescent properties of Ca-α-SiAlON:Eu2+ phosphors
I41 Krisjanis Smits Eu Luminescence in zirconia nanocrystals
I42 Alexander V. Vasiliev Synthesis and properties of a (La,Sr)MnO3-x -based magnetoresistive composites from borate glasses.
I43 Anna Wajler Transparent cobalt-doped magnesium aluminate ceramics for Q-switch applications – powder preparation and sintering
I44 Anna Wajler Transparent Nd:YAG ceramics sintered from nanometric powders- effect of co-precipitation temperature on powder sinterability
I45 Yingbang Yao Characteristics of Sm-doped BiFeO3 ceramics prepared by a modified solid-state-reaction method
I46 Roman P. Yavetskiy Optical ceramics based on cubic refractory oxides via vacuum sintering
I47 Wiesława Olesińska Joining of SiC to steel using SiCf/Cu composite.
I48 Krzysztof Perkowski Separation of oil impurities from oil in water emulsions enhance by modified surface of silica filters
I49 Bożena Pietrzyk Protective properties of composite oxide coatings deposited by sol‑gel method
I50 Bożena Pietrzyk Effect of carbon interlayer on the protective properties of hydroxyapatite coating deposited on 316L stainless steel by sol-gel method
I51 Tetiana Sydorenko Investigation of contact interaction of metal melts and non metal materials by high temperature X-ray diffraction method
I52 Santiago De Bernardi-Martín On cation segregation to the grain boundaries and creep response in zirconia-based ceramics
I53 Tomasz Strachowski Hydrothermal Synthesis of ZnAl2O4 Spinel
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