E-MRS Fall Meeting 2008

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Presenting person
G01 Ekaterina Antoshchenkova Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of homoepitaxial growth of magnesium oxide thin films by molecular deposition
G02 Mark S. Zhukovskiy Morphology and topological Shannon’s information interdependence for self-assembling nanoparticle agglomeration
G03 Mark S. Zhukovskiy Theory and computer simulation of interconnection between femtosecond dynamics and corporative phenomena in nanosystems
G04 Carlos A. Duque Hydrostatic pressure and Γ − X mixing effects on the exciton and impurity related optical properties in GaAs-Ga1−xAlxAs quantum wells
G05 Paola Gallo Thermodynamics of supercooled water in solutions and in confinement
G06 Krzysztof M. Górny Dynamical properties of homocysteine near carbon nanotube – MD simulation
G07 Krzysztof M. Górny Molecular dynamics of 5CB mesogene molecules covering graphene layer  – computer simulation                      
G08 Krzysztof M. Górny Dielectric relaxation of homocysteine layer between graphite walls – computer simulation  
G09 Mohammad M. Hasani-Sadrabadi Effect of silicate nanosheets on nanochannel morphology of polymeric ionomers
G10 Roman I. Hrytskiv Modelling of nanooscillators
G11 Ali Jaafar Formation of stacking defects at surfaces: From atomistic modelling to DFT calculations.
G12 Ali Kachmar Ab initio Molecular Dynamics study of the dynamic behaviour of a «floppy» guest complexed in Mo12 cage
G13 Svetlana Karitskaya The spatial-temporal structures  аs a model system for used microheterogeneous structure of aqueous-alcohol solutions
G14 Małgorzata Karolus amorphous materials - x-ray studies
G15 Valeriy V. Kartuzov Computer simulation of structure and hydrogen capacity of nanoporous carbon
G16 Pawel J. Keblinski Contact Resistance Limited Thermal Transport of Carbon Nanotube Mats
G17 Piotr Moszczyński Characterization of Ni-P surface layers produced by the chemical method in a multicomponent solvent with additions of ionic liquids
G18 Marek Muzyk Modeling of order-disorder phase transition in intermetallic compounds
G19 Toshiharu Ohnuma Dynamical simulation of SiO2/4H-SiC C-face interface oxidation process at 1500K
G20 Adam Piątek Desorption of H2 molecules from hydrogen doped TiC2H2 exohedral fullerene nanosystem
G21 Adam Piątek Dynamical and structural properties of OH - decorated fullerene cluster: computer simulation study
G22 Adam Piątek The properties of fullerenol nanosystem (C60OH24)7 - MD simulation
G23 Gagik Shmavonyan SEM investigations of the surface and cross-section features of ZnO nanowires under focused ion beam treatment
G24 Mikhail D. Starostenkov The Formation of Aggregates from Ni Atoms at the Impulsive High-Intensive Influences on Ni3Al Intermetallide
G25 Mikhail D. Starostenkov The Problems of the Construction of Many-Body Potentials
G26 Andrii V. Sushyi Morphology of three-dimensional Ge nanoclusters growing on SiOх (х<2) film
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