E-MRS Fall Meeting 2008

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Presenting person
J01 Yuriy Azhniuk Phonon spectroscopy of CdSe1–xTex nanocrystals grown in a borosilicate glass
J02 Yuriy Azhniuk Phonon spectra of quaternary II-VI semiconductor nanocrystals grown in glass matrices
J03 Volodymyr Dzhagan Resonant Raman spectroscopy of confined and surface phonons in CdSe-caped CdS nanoparticles
J04 Volodymyr Dzhagan Probing the structure of core-shell nanoparticles by resonant Raman scattering spectroscopy
J05 Alexander G. Milekhin Raman scattering on semiconductor microtubes
J06 Ihor P. Studenyak Phonon spectra of nanometric powders and composites of Cu6PS5Br superionic conductors
J07 Renata G. Świrkowicz Influence of electron-phonon coupling on transport through the quantum dot in the Kondo regime
J08 Marcin Marczak Characterization of the Individual Core/ Shell Silicon Nanowires
J09 Tetyana V. Laptyeva Features of SH-waves propagation in the 1D magnetic  phononic crystal
J10 Wojtek Gebicki Lattice dynamics and Raman spectroscopy of ZnO:Mn crystals
J11 Dominik Kurzydłowski Phonon Dispersion Analysis as an Indispensable Tool for Correct Predictions of Solid State Polymorphism
J12 Przemyslaw Malinowski Application of Fourier Transform mid- and far-IR spectroscopy for studies of oxo– derivatives of Ag(II)
J13 Ivan I. Nebola Model studies of transformation of dispersion of phonon spectra in defect structures of ABC3 type
J14 Yaroslav G. Ponomarev Extended van Hove Singularity, Strong Electron-Phonon Interaction and Superconducting Gap in Doped Bi-2212 Single Crystals 
J15 Eugen M. Sheregii Discontinuity of the phonon mode frequency temperature dependence caused by a zero-gap state in HgCdTe alloys
J16 Ihor P. Studenyak Raman scattering studies of disordering processes in Cu6P(S1-xSex)5Br1-yIy superionic conductors
J17 Mykola Vuichyk Raman scattering and infrared spectroscopy of Si-doped GaN thin films
J18 Malgorzata M. Pociask Influence of hydrogen on hydrogenated cadmium telluride optical spectra
J20 Alexander F. Kolomys Confocal Raman microscopy of the strain AlGaN/GaN heterostructures on sapphire
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