E-MRS Fall Meeting 2008

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Presenting person
K01 Romuald Dobosz Modelling of plastic deformation of nano-polycrystalline materials
K02 Olha Kyryliv Peculiarities of structural changes and diffusion distribution of alloying elements in titanium alloys after mechanical-pulse treatment
K03 Tatyana A. Ryumshyna Influence of internal stresses on the properties of solids
K04 Karolina A. Rzepiejewska-Malyska Deformation mechanisms in TiN/NbN multilayer thin films
K05 Yoshiki Takagi Characterization of the interface between nano crystalline diamond and Silicon substrate
K06 Yoshiki Takagi Hydrogen-free CVD nano diamond particle synthesis with graphite rod heating
K07 Thomas B. Tengen Stochastic Approach To The Changes In The Mechanical Properties Of Nano-Crystalline Materials Induced By Grain Growth
K08 Lawrence C. Whitmore Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies of Nano Indented Zirconia Layers on Silicon Wafer Substrates
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