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Presenting person

May 20th, Sunday

16:00 Reception
20:00 Welcome Party

May 21st, Monday

07:00 Breakfast
08:45 Opening Ceremony - Stanisław Krukowski
09:00 Czochralski Lecture - The Czochralski-Method - where are we 90 years after Jan Czochralski's invention
09:00 00:45:00 Invited oral Georg Mueller The Czochralski -Method - where are we 90 years after Jan Czochralski's invention
09:45 Coffee Break
10:15 Session I:Theory and modeling - Georg Mueller
10:15 00:30:00 Invited oral Joerg Neugebauer Ab initio based growth simulations of group-III-nitrides
10:45 00:30:00 Invited oral Koichi Kakimoto Numerical investigation of crystal growth process of bulk Si, SiC and nitrides
11:15 00:15:00 Oral Wiesław Polak Preference for fcc atom stacking observed during growth of defect-free LJ3281 cluster
11:30 Coffee Break
12:00 Session II:Nitrides: bulk - Mike Leszczynski
12:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Michał Boćkowski Bulk growth of gallium nitride. Challenges and difficulties
12:30 00:30:00 Invited oral Krzysztof Pakuła 2D and 3D growth mode of nitride layers
13:00 00:15:00 Oral Tadao Hashimoto Ammonothermal Growth of Bulk GaN for Extended Time
13:15 Lunch
15:00 Session III:Nitrides - epitaxy - Unil Perera
15:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Czeslaw Skierbiszewski Low temperature plasma assisted MBE growth for nitride optoelectronic devices
15:30 00:15:00 Oral Gwomei Wu Investigation of GaN crystal quality on silicon substrate using GaN/AlN superlattice structures
15:45 Coffee Break
16:15 Session IV:Other semiconductors - bulk and epitaxy - Jacek Baranowski
16:15 00:30:00 Invited oral Krzysztof Grasza Stability diagram for crystal growth from the vapor
16:45 00:30:00 Invited oral Tomasz Wojtowicz Catalytic growth by molecular beam epitaxy and properties of ZnTe-based semiconductor nanowires
17:15 00:15:00 Oral Andrzej Huczko Combustion Synthesis of Crystalline SiC Nanofibres: Process Characterization
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Poster Session 1
19:00 #P101 Poster Govindan Anandha babu Effect of impurities in supersaturated solutions and its effect on cluster growth by gravity driven concentration gradient studies
19:00 #P102 Poster Nataliya V. Babayevskaya Stabilized nanoapatites doped with REE obtained from aqueous solution
19:00 #P104 Poster Andrzej L. Bajor Growth and characterization of YAG single crystals doped with large concentration of vanadium.
19:00 #P105 Poster Waclaw Bala Optical and electrical properties of ZnO:X (X=Al, Mg, In, Ce, Er) crystalline layers
19:00 #P106 Poster Wieslawa Bażela The correlation between the crystal structure and magnetic ordering in ternary RT2X2 and RTX3 compounds
19:00 #P107 Poster Radoslaw Belka Analysis of thermochromic effect in [NH4]2CuCl4 crystal
19:00 #P108 Poster Jolanta Borysiuk Structure and magnetic properties of carbon encapsulated Fe nanoparticles obtained by arc plasma synthesis
19:00 #P109 Poster Nameeta Brahme Impulsive excitation of mechanoluminescence in gamma irradiated Er doped calcium fluoride single crystals
19:00 #P110 Poster Lee Chow Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopic Study of Mn-Implanted Silicon after Thermal Annealing
19:00 #P111 Poster Grażyna Dominiak-Dzik Spectroscopic Properties of Tm3+:Bi2TeO5 Single Crystal
19:00 #P112 Poster Andrey G. Doroshenko Mechanisms of heterogenous growth of calcium fluorapatite coatings from strongly supersaturated aqueous solutions
19:00 #P113 Poster Kazimierz Conder Layered cobaltites: single crystal growth, structure, transport and magnetic properties
19:00 #P114 Poster Elena Dolzhenkova Physico-chemical properties of borate single crystals of different structural types
19:00 #P115 Poster Vladimir P. Dyakonov Growth and Magnetic properties of rubidium rare earth double tungstates single crystals.
19:00 #P116 Poster Reza Faiez Growth kinetics and crystallization front shape in Cz-process of Nd: YAG, Cr,Ca : YAG and Cr,Ca,Nd : YAG crystals
19:00 #P117 Poster Jan Fink-Finowicki Crystallization of (Co/Ni/Mg)3V2O8 mixed orthovanadates by the floating zone method
19:00 #P118 Poster Franciszek S. Firszt Study of the third order nonlinear optical properties of Zn1-xMgxSe and Cd1-xMgxSe crystals
19:00 #P119 Poster Franciszek S. Firszt Photoelectric and Photothermal Investigations of Zn1-x-yBexMnySe Solid Solutions
19:00 #P120 Poster Steffen Ganschow Aspects of Wüstite Crystal Growth
19:00 #P121 Poster Piotr T. Gorski Temperature dependence of the linear electrooptic coefficients r113 and r333 in lithium niobate
19:00 #P122 Poster Jan Grym Characterization of Pr, Yb, and Ce doped InP layers by PL and SIMS
19:00 #P123 Poster Marek Guziewicz Characterization of Ir and IrO2 Schottky contacts on n-type 4H-SiC under high temperature stress
19:00 #P124 Poster Liudmila I. Ivleva Optical images of real structure for oxide crystals grown from the melt
19:00 #P125 Poster Marek Izdebski Analysis of the quadratic electrooptic response of BaTiO3 crystal in the ferroelectric phase
19:00 #P126 Poster Rajarajan Kaliamoorthy Investigations on the nucleation kinetics, growth and thermal properties of the organometallic nonlinear optical crystal: Hg(N2H4CS)4Zn(SCN)4
19:00 #P127 Poster Dobroslawa Kasprowicz Elastic properties of KGd(WO4)2 : Ho3+ single crystals studied by Brillouin spectroscopy
19:00 #P128 Poster Andrzej Kłos Investigation of optical homogeneity in and around the core region in GdCa4O(BO3)3 single crystals.
19:00 #P129 Poster Andrzej Kłos Structural inhomogenities in GdCa4O(BO3)3 single crystals
19:00 #P130 Poster Katarzyna B. Kołodziejak The investigation of structural perfection and facetting in highly Er - doped Yb3Al5O12 crystals
19:00 #P131 Poster Katarzyna B. Kołodziejak Growth and microstructures of ZnO – WO3 and TiO2 – WO3 eutectic crystals
19:00 #P132 Poster Katarzyna B. Kołodziejak Growth and microstructure of ZnO – Bi2O3 eutectic
19:00 #P133 Poster Krzysztof Kopalko ZnMnO Films grown by Atomic Layer Deposition with uniform Mn distribution
19:00 #P134 Poster Iwona A. Kowalik Effect of annealing on electrical properties of low temperature ZnO films
19:00 #P135 Poster Wojciech Kowalski Complex intermetallics in Al-Ni-Cr alloys
19:00 #P136 Poster Nina S. Kozlova Near-electrode surface processes in langatate in connection with growth conditions
19:00 #P137 Poster Mariusz J. Krasiński Investigation of growth kinetics and crystal morphology of sodium fluorosilicate ice-analogue crystals in solution and in gel
19:00 #P138 Poster Mariusz J. Krasiński The theoretical analysis of growth habits of sodium fluorosilicate ice-analogues crystals grown from solution and gel
19:00 #P139 Poster Jacek Krawczyk Morphology of front solidification of Al-Cu-Co single quasicrystals
19:00 #P140 Poster Jacek Krawczyk Phasons and subgrain boundaries of Al-Cu-Co single quasicrystals
19:00 #P141 Poster Jacek Krawczyk Growth and characterization of (Co,Fe)Si2 solid solution crystals
19:00 #P142 Poster Aleksandar Kremenovic Microstructural analysis by X-ray diffraction and influence of rare earth elements on magnetism in nanosize Fe2.85RE0.15O4
19:00 #P143 Poster Pawel Zybert Self-organized microstructure of TiO2-MnO
19:00 #P144 Poster Nikolai D. Zhigadlo Effect of Li-C and Li-Al codoping in MgB2 single crystals
19:00 #P145 Poster Krishna Kumar Investigations on crystal growth and characterization ofK[CS(NH2) 2]4Br- a semi organic non-linear optical crystal
19:00 #P146 Poster Agnieszka Malinowska X-ray topography of Ca0.5Sr0.5NdAlO4 single crystal
19:00 #P147 Poster Slawomir Mielcarek Elastic propersties of zinc tris(thiourea) sulphate in a wide temperature range studied by Brillouin spectroscopy
19:00 #P148 Poster Vijayan Narayayanasamy Growth of hippuric acid single crystals by unidirectional solution growth method and its characterization for NLO applications
19:00 #P149 Poster Irina Nicoara Some optical properties of Yb+2 ions in YbF3–doped CaF2 crystals
19:00 #P150 Poster Andrey Novoselov Crystal growth and scintillating properties of (Pr, Si)-doped YAlO3
19:00 #P151 Poster Natalia Orlińska Preparation and characterization of superconducting MgB2 rods
19:00 #P152 Poster Sergey Parkhomenko Crystal growth and physical-mechanical properties of SrB4O7:Eu2+ single crystals
19:00 #P153 Poster Danuta Piwowarska Growth and characterization of Li2B4O7 single crystals pure and doped with Co ions
19:00 #P154 Poster Mythili Prakasam Growth and characterization of electro-optic Glycine lithium sulfate single crystals
19:00 #P155 Poster Mythili Prakasam Swift heavy ion induced modification on the Optical, Mechanical and Dielectric behaviour of GLS single crystals
19:00 #P156 Poster Nagalakshmi Ramamoorthy Studies on the first order hyperpolarizability and Terahertz generation in an organic non-linear optical crystal 3-nitroaniline
19:00 #P157 Poster Gopalakrishnan Rengasamy Growth And Characterization of Nonlinear Optical L-Asparaginium Picrate Single Crystals.
19:00 #P158 Poster Tomasz Runka Temperature Raman scattering study of CaAl0.5Ta0.5O3 crystal
19:00 #P159 Poster Agnieszka Rzepka Growth and characterization of Nd, Yb – Yttrium oxide nanopowders obtained by sol-gel method
19:00 #P160 Poster Janusz Rzeszutek Pulsed laser deposition of CdTe, ZnTe and CdSe
19:00 #P161 Poster Feridoun Samavat Introduction to Quasicrystals
19:00 #P162 Poster Irina S. Voronina Observation of induced birefringence in crystals with scheelite structure
19:00 #P163 Poster Feridoun Samavat Self diffusion of Al and Mn in icosahedral Al-Pd-Mn quasicrystal
19:00 #P165 Poster Hańcza Barbara Surma Kinetic studies of oxygen related defects in neutron irradiated silicon doped with carbon
19:00 #P166 Poster Ponnusamy S. Suruttaiya Udaiyar Growth, Spectroscopic, Optical, and Thermal Studies of catena – Poly[[cadmium (II) ] – μ – β – alanine – di – μ – chloro] crystal, a semiorganic Nonlinear Optical Material
19:00 #P167 Poster Marek A. Swirkowicz Growth and investigation of optical properties of YVO4: Nd single crystals
19:00 #P168 Poster Krzysztof Szostek Preparation and characterization of CoSi2-Si eutectic composite
19:00 #P169 Poster Ewa Talik XPS characterization of YAlO3:Co single crystals
19:00 #P170 Poster Ewa Talik Magnetic properties of CeNi4Mn single crystal
19:00 #P173 Poster Kanagasekaran Thangavel Growth and characterization of NLO-N-Bromosuccinimide (NBS) single crystals
19:00 #P174 Poster Sergei Trukhanov Neutron powder diffraction study of the anion-deficient La0.70Sr0.30MnO3.00-γ manganites
19:00 #P175 Poster Gwomei Wu Crystallization of silicon thin film by current-induced joule heating using tungsten overcoat
19:00 #P176 Poster Roman P. Yavetskiy Growth of Li6Gd1-xYx(BO3)3:Eu3+ solid solution for solid state dosimetry
20:30 PTWK General Meeting

May 22nd, Tuesday

08:30 Excursion
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Session V:Optoelectronics - passive devices - Maciej Bugajski
14:30 00:30:00 Invited oral Paul Norton Infrared sensors in spacecraft that monitor planet earth
15:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Jozef Piotrowski High Operation Temperature (HOT) photodetectors
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Session VI:Optoelectronics - active devices - Antoni Rogalski
16:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Unil Perera Quantum Dot Sensors for Multi-Band and Terahertz Detection
16:30 00:15:00 Oral Mike Leszczynski X-ray Diffraction as a Tool of InGaN layer Characterization.
16:45 Coffee Break
17:15 Session VII:Optoelectronics - active devices II - Paul Norton
17:15 00:30:00 Invited oral Joachim Wagner Group III-Antimonide based infrared semiconductor lasers
17:45 00:15:00 Oral Włodzimierz Nakwaski Modelling guidelines for VCSEL designing
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Poster Session 2
19:00 #P201 Poster Jadwiga Bak-Misiuk Effect of stress on structural transformations in GaMnAs
19:00 #P202 Poster Jolanta Borysiuk Growth of GaN layers on silicon and sintered GaN nano-ceramic substrates – TEM investigations
19:00 #P203 Poster Piotr Caban Growth of high resistivity GaN layers by compensating defects generation
19:00 #P204 Poster Aleksandra Czyzak Distribution of strain in laterally overgrown GaAs layers determined by x-ray diffraction
19:00 #P206 Poster Dirk Ehrentraut Effect of temperature and mineralizer on phase stability and solubility of GaN under acidic ammonothermal conditions
19:00 #P207 Poster Jarosław A. Gaca Effects of composition grading at the heterointefaces and Layers Thickness Variations on Bragg Mirror Quality
19:00 #P208 Poster Marek Guziewicz Determination of stress in composite engineered substrates for GaN-based RF power devices
19:00 #P209 Poster Carsten Hartmann Sublimation growth of AlN crystals on {111} TaC seeds
19:00 #P210 Poster Yuji Kagamitani Ammonothermal growth of thick gallium nitride films
19:00 #P211 Poster Paweł Kamiński High-resolution photoinduced transient spectroscopy of defect centers in Mg-doped GaN
19:00 #P212 Poster Pawel Kempisty Adsorption processes during growth of GaN by HVPE
19:00 #P213 Poster Ryszard Korbutowicz Thick GaN layers on sapphire with various buffer layers
19:00 #P214 Poster Yeeu-Chang Lee Fabrication and optical simulation of patterned sapphire substrates for optimal light extraction efficiency of LEDs
19:00 #P215 Poster Chung-wei Lu 3-D simulation of the anisotropic effects during growth ofsapphire crystal using heat exchanger method
19:00 #P216 Poster Aleksandra Mirowska Technological conditions to obtain high purity undoped GaP single crystals.
19:00 #P217 Poster Ewa Papis Passivation of GaN surface by chemical bath deposition of thin CdS layers
19:00 #P218 Poster Łukasz Piskorski Thermal properties of the 650-nm GaInP/AlGaInP quantum-well GaAs-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting diode lasers
19:00 #P219 Poster Robert P. Sarzała The influence of ridge sizes on room-temperature performance of the 405-nm InGaN/GaN RW diode laser
19:00 #P220 Poster Beata Ściana Technology and characterisation of GaAsN/GaAs heterostructures for photodetector applications
19:00 #P221 Poster Gwo-Jiun Sheu Numerical Model of Electric Field in GaN/InGaN Light Emitting Diodes on Insulating Substrates
19:00 #P222 Poster Won young Song The influence of NH3 gas flow on GaN nanowires synthesis by VPE method
19:00 #P223 Poster Janusz Weyher Recognition of chemical (electrically active) non-homogeneities in thick HVPE-grown GaN layers
19:00 #P224 Poster Marek Wojcik MOCVD growth and characterization of ultrathin AlN/GaN superlattices on 0001 sapphire substrates
19:00 #P225 Poster Ewa Papis Optimisation of electrochemical sulphur treatment of GaSb and related semiconductors: application to surface passivation of GaSb/In(Al)GaAsSb TPV cells
19:00 #P226 Poster Joanna Prażmowska Heterostructure AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs solar cells
19:00 #P227 Poster Lee Chow Structure and Magnetization of Defect-Associated Sites in Silicon
19:00 #P228 Poster Krystyna Golaszewska Comparison of various GaSb-based device structures for application in thermophotovoltaic cells
19:00 #P229 Poster Krystyna Golaszewska Photothermal investigations of SiC thermal properties
19:00 #P230 Poster Krystyna Golaszewska Liquid phase growth and characterization of laterally overgrown GaSb epitaxial layers
19:00 #P231 Poster Andrzej Hruban Investigation of Ga1-xInxSb crystals growth by Czochralski method
19:00 #P232 Poster Andrzej Huczko CCVD Growth of 1-D Crystalline Carbon Nanostructures
19:00 #P233 Poster Paweł Kamiński Compensating defect centers in semi-insulating 6H-SiC
19:00 #P234 Poster Paweł Kamiński Modeling of Silicon Carbide Semi-Insulating Properties
19:00 #P235 Poster Konstantin A. Kokh Crystallization of AgGaS2 melts enriched with Ag2S and Ga2S3
19:00 #P236 Poster Ho Jun Lee Growth of β-Ga2O3 single crystal by µ-PD method and its characteristics
19:00 #P237 Poster David Lysacek Comparison of gettering capability of various extrinsic techniques and enhancement of gettering ability of polycrystalline silicon layers
19:00 #P238 Poster Andrzej Materna Pressure estimation in quartz ampoule in during InP synthesis by HGF method, on the base temperature distribution measureent.
19:00 #P239 Poster Artur Miros Ultra thin silicon wafers technology for mirror application
19:00 #P240 Poster Andrzej Misiuk Stress - mediated solid phase epitaxial re - growth of a-Si at annealing of Si:Mn
19:00 #P241 Poster Viktor K. Savchuk Pulsed Laser Deposition of High Quality ZnTe Films Intended for Creating Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Heterostructures
19:00 #P243 Poster Jan M. Olchowik Investigations of the dynamic of crystallization of Si-ELO layers by LPE
19:00 #P244 Poster Joanna Pawłowska Polishing of InAs without the use of Bromine
19:00 #P245 Poster Tetyana V. Semikina New mechanism of microcrystalline diamond formation through phase transition in spark discharge
19:00 #P246 Poster Tetyana V. Semikina Nanostructural “cauliflower-like” diamond deposited in HFCVD closed system
19:00 #P247 Poster Rostyslav V. Shalayev Spectroscopy of Cz-Si samples subjected to implantation and thermal treatment under enhanced hydrostatic pressure.
19:00 #P248 Poster Leila Shekari Comparison of conduction of Sr and/or Mg doped LaGaO3 by using of density of electrons' states' diagrams and searching which one is better for SOFC's electrolyte.
19:00 #P249 Poster Tongik Shin The influence of Al2O3 substrate annealing effect for ZnO nanowires synthesis using VPE method
19:00 #P250 Poster Mohd Shkir Optical and electrical characterization of kdp doped PbI2 single crystal
19:00 #P251 Poster Mohammad Hossein Tavakoli Numerical study of crucible bottom shape on the heat transport and fluid flow during the seeding process of oxide Czochralski crystal
19:00 #P252 Poster Kanagasekaran Thangavel Characterization of swift heavy ion induced modification on the nonlinear optical Benzimidazole (BMZ) single crystals
19:00 #P253 Poster Iuliia V. Iermolaieva Obtaining of semiconductor nanocrystals and formation of ensembles on their basis.
19:00 #P254 Poster Keshra Sangwal In situ investigation of growth kinetics of ammonium oxalate monohydrate single crystals in aqueous solutions containing metallic cation impurities
19:00 #P260 Poster Joong Won Shur Simulation of large sized silicon polycrystal growth by DS method added heat exchanger with the change of thermal parameter
19:00 #P261 Poster Paweł Skupiński Preparation of the ZnO substrate surface
19:00 #P262 Poster Piotr Solarz Luminescence characteristics of undoped and Eu-doped GdCOB single crystals and nanopowders
19:00 #P263 Poster Piotr Solarz Growth of K5Li2NdF10 and K5Li2PrF10 crystals by the Bridgman method
19:00 #P264 Poster Pawel Strak Transport properties on nitrogen at high pressure and temperature: viscosity – MD study.
19:00 #P265 Poster Naoki Sugihara Measurement of Specific Surface Free Energy of Synthetic Quartz Crystal
19:00 #P266 Poster Hańcza Barbara Surma Elecrical and optical studies of undoped GaP grown by LEC method
19:00 #P267 Poster Takaomi Suzuki Experimental Study for Wulff’s Relationship of Ruby Single Crystals Using Contact Angles of Liquid Droplets
19:00 #P268 Poster Emil Tymicki Initial Stage of SiC Crystal Growth by PVT Method
19:00 #P269 Poster Igor Virt Longterm conductivity relaxation processes in CdTe
19:00 #P270 Poster Michał Wasiak Influence of number of quantum dot layers on possibility of achieving lasing threshold in vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
19:00 #P271 Poster Stephen J. Watson Scaling Theory and Morphometrics of Coarsening Faceted Crystal Surfaces
19:00 #P272 Poster Edyta Wierzbicka X-ray topography of GdCa4O(BO3)3 doped of 4% Nd single crystal grown by Czochralski method
19:00 #P273 Poster Maria Wierzbicka Flux growth and crystal structure determination of new M1+-M2+-M3+ di-, tri- and tetrasilicates (M1+ = Na, K; M2+ = Sr, Ba; M3+ = Sc, Y, Gd, Er, Yb)
19:00 #P274 Poster Wojciech Wierzchowski Observation of defects in g - irradiated Cz-si annealed under high pressure
19:00 #P275 Poster Wojciech Wierzchowski Observation of individual dislocations in 6h and 4h sic by means of back-reflection methods of x-ray diffraction topography
19:00 #P276 Poster Krystyna B. Wokulska X-ray characterization of Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6 single crystals
19:00 #P277 Poster Motoi Yamashita Direct melt crystal growth of isotactic polybutene-1 trigonal phase
19:00 #P278 Poster Noriyuki Yoshimoto Characterization of in-plane structures of vapor deposited thin-films of distyryl-origothiophenes by grazing incidence X-ray diffractmetry
20:30 Meeting of PSCG Council and Sections

May 23rd, Wednesday

08:30 Session VIII:Bulk Oxides - Bożena Hilczer
08:31 Lecture of doctoral dissertation winner
08:45 00:30:00 Invited oral Detlef Klimm On the solubility of Nd3+ in Y3Al5O12
09:15 00:30:00 Invited oral Tsuguo Fukuda Prospects for the μ-PD method and solvothermal method in electrical and optical crystal growth
09:45 00:15:00 Oral Andrey Novoselov Crystal growth and scintillating properties of (Ce, Sr)-doped PrAlO3
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Session X:Fluorides & Oxides - Tsuguo Fukuda
10:30 00:30:00 Invited oral Sonia L. Baldochi Synthesis and growth of doped rare-earth BaY2F8 single crystals for laser applications.
11:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Eiichi Nishijima Large Fluoride Single Crystals by CZ method for the Next Generation Lithography
11:30 00:15:00 Oral Nebojša Crnogorac Spiral growth of high melting point oxide crystals
11:45 00:15:00 Oral Igor M. Prytula Growth and characterization of dye doped KH2PO4 crystals for nonlinear optical applications
12:00 Coffee Break
12:30 Session IX:Nanostructures - Włodzimierz Nakwaski
12:30 00:30:00 Invited oral Mohamed Henini Optical and Morphological Properties of Self-Assembled Quantum Dots Grown on Novel Index Surfaces
13:00 00:15:00 Oral Dorota A. Pawlak Self- organized eutectic microstructures for photonic crystals and metamaterials
13:15 Lunch
15:00 Session XI:Magnetic properties and superconductivity - Anna Pajaczkowska
15:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Tomasz Klimczuk Crystal growth and physical properties of the ternary Uranium compound U3M3Bi4
15:30 00:30:00 Invited oral Olivier Fruchart Kinetically trenches on bcc(110) for the formation of versatile magnetic nanowires
16:00 00:15:00 Oral Janusz Karpinski Single crystals of MgB2: synthesis, substitutions and properties
16:15 00:15:00 Oral Jan Dec Ferroelectric and relaxor properties of strontium-barium niobate
16:30 Coffee Break
17:00 Session XII:Theory and kinetics - Ewa Talik
17:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Jolanta Prywer Growth morphology of crystals from kinetic and geometric perspective
17:30 00:15:00 Oral Stanisław Krukowski Modelling of the growth of nitrides in ammonia rich environment
20:00 Banquet - Doctoral dissertation - PTWK prize

May 24th, Thursday

08:30 Session XIII:Organic and soft crystals - Keshra Sangwal
08:30 00:30:00 Invited oral Abel Moreno Crystallization, Crystal Growth and Characterization of Biological Macromolecules by X-ray Diffraction and Atomic Force Microscopy
09:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Satoru Ueno Synchrotron Radiation X-ray Diffraction Study for Observation of the Crystallization through Interfacial Heterogeneous Nucleation of Oil-in-Water Emulsion
09:30 00:15:00 Oral Gopalakrishnan Rengasamy Growth of Unidirectional Semi-organic and Inorganic single crystals from solution by Sankaranarayanan-Ramasamy (SR) method and their characterization
09:45 Coffee Break
10:15 Session XIV:Optical and other crystals - Miroslaw Drozdowski
10:15 00:30:00 Invited oral Antoni Dabkowski Crystal growth of oxides by Optical Floating Zone techniques
10:45 00:15:00 Oral Andrzej L. Bajor Growth and investigation of optical properties of YAG:Co,Si single crystals.
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Session XV:Optical characterization - Wojciech Sadowski
11:30 00:30:00 Invited oral Stanisław K. Hoffmann Phonons and local modes around paramagnetic defect centers in solids studied by electron spin relaxation
12:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Witold Ryba-Romanowski Spectroscopic methods in characterization of crystals and nanopowders
12:30 00:15:00 Oral Chang-Hung Chiang The effect of thermal treatment on the photorefractive properties of Ru-doped lithium niobate
12:45 Closing - Wojciech Sadowski
13:00 Lunch
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