Spectroscopy of Cz-Si samples subjected to implantation and thermal treatment under enhanced hydrostatic pressure.

Evgeny Shemchenko 1Alexander Yakovec 1Rostyslav V. Shalayev 1Victor M. Varyukhin 1Anatoly Prudnikov 1Boris M. Efros 1Andrzej Misiuk 2M. Prujszczyk 2

1. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, A.Galkin Donetsk Institute for Physics & Technology (DonPTI NASU), Roza Luxemburg 72, Donetsk 83114, Ukraine
2. Institute of Electron Technology (ITE), al. Lotników 32/46, Warszawa 02-668, Poland


Recent developments in the fields of integrated circuits, CD technology, and of transmission of large volume information resulted in still growing interest in optical and spectral properties of silicon - related materials, in particular produced basing on single crystalline Czochralski grown silicon, Cz - Si. Electronic states related to the presence of structural defects and impurities in Cz-Si - related materials [1] are still intensively investigated.

In the presented work, Cz - Si samples prepared by implantation with hydrogen (Si:H) or oxygen (Si:O), and processed at up to 1400 K (HT) under enhanced hydrostatic pressure in argon atmosphere (HP, up to 1.2 GPa) have been investigated. It has been shown that the HT - HP treatment of implanted samples leads to the formation of nano - clusters. The nano - dimensional structure formation in the samples results in turn in essential changes of optical and spectral properties, being dependent on the HT - HP processing parameters.

The mechanism and nature of nano - dimensional structure formation in implanted single crystalline silicon, especially in Si:H, subjected to complex processing [2, 3], and the effects of HT – HP treatment on spectral characteristics of Si:H and Si:O are discussed. Usefulness of such materials for producing of sensors has been demonstrated.

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Presentation: Poster at Joint Fith International Conference on Solid State Crystals & Eighth Polish Conference on Crystal Growth, by Rostyslav V. Shalayev
See On-line Journal of Joint Fith International Conference on Solid State Crystals & Eighth Polish Conference on Crystal Growth

Submitted: 2007-01-15 15:14
Revised:   2009-06-07 00:44