18th Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry

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I-1 Margarita Aliaga Kinetic Study of the Benzenethiolysis of S-Methyl Aryl Thiocarbonates
II-1 Aleksander Koll Car-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics Study of Mannich type compound (4,5-dimethyl-2(N,N-dimethyl aminomethyl)phenol) in Gas Phase and Solid State
I-2 Ramiro Araya-Maturana Regio- and Diastereoselective Diels-Alder Reaction of Chiral Tolylsulfinildienols
II-2 Dmitry V. Kondratuk Novel Bisstyryl Dyes Containing 18-crown-6 moieties: Synthesis, Complexation with Ammonium Substrates and [2+2]-photocycloaddition
I-3 Afir Arezki Radio Crystallographic Study of Titanium Sesquioxyde at High Temperature and in Vacuum
II-3 Andrzej Kosiński Nanoparticles of Palladium in Polyacetylene or Polyaniline Matrix and Their Activity in Model Hydrogenation Reaction
I-4 Ana Bergant The Interactions of Hydrotrioxides (ROOOH) with Pyridine N-Oxides
II-4 Izabela Kraszewska Divergent Coordination Mode of Magnesium and Zinc Alkyls Supported by the Multidentate Pyrrolylaldiminato Ligands
I-5 Stefan Berger Nucleophilicities of Triflinate-Stabilized Carbanions
II-5 Anna Kropidłowska Metal Silanethiolates with Aminopyridines as Coligands - the Role of N-H···S Bond
I-6 Marek K. Bernard Mass Fragmentation Pattern of Some Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine Derivatives
II-6 Karol Krzymiński Physicochemical Properties of Substituted 9-(Phenoxycarbonyl) Acridinium Cations - an Important Systems Used in Luminescent Assays
I-7 Riccardo Bini QSPR for Ionic Liquids by Recursive Neural Networks
II-7 Jiri Kulhanek Synthesis and Physical-Chemical Properties of New Diazatricyclo Derivate
I-8 Michał P. Błaszczyk Weak Interactions in N-triazinylammonium Tetrafluoroborate Salts as a Reason for Interesting Supramolecular Architecture
II-8 Grzegorz Litwinienko Media Effects on Kinetics of Radical Scavenging by Flavonoids.
I-9 Frank Brotzel Nucleophilicities of Amines and Amino Acids
II-9 Miroslav Ludwig Coordination Properties of Imidazole Derivatives
I-10 Marta Bugaj Spin-Spin nJ(CC) Coupling Computations for Optimized Geometries of Rotamers of Enaminoketone System: a DFT Approach.
II-10 Izabela D. Madura π-Electron Delocalization in Cyclopentadienylaluminum Complexes
I-11 Wojciech Bury Significance of Intermolecular S...C(π) Interaction Involving M-S and -C=O Centers in Crystal Structures of Metal Thiolate Complexes
II-11 Anna M. Makal Sigma Cutoff - and What Lies Behind
I-12 Lilianna Chęcińska Reproducibility and Transferability of Topological Data: Experimental Charge Density Study of Two Modifications of L-alanyl-L-tyrosyl-L-alanine
II-12 Magdalena Małecka Comparative Studies of Oxaphosphinane and Chromone Derivatives. X-ray, DFT, AIM Studies
I-13 Devarajegowda H. Chikegowda Synthesis and Crystal Structure of N-alkyl derivatives of 7-chloro-5-chloropropyl-9-methyl-5,10-dihydro- 4,5,6,10-tetraaza-dibenzo[a,d]cyclohepten-11-one
II-13 Clarissa T. Martins Thermo-solvatochromism of Merocyanine indicators: Effects of the Hydrophobic Character of the Alkyl Group
I-14 Anna Chrostowska VGSR Synthesis and UV-PES Characterization of Kinetically Unstabilized Arsaalkenes
II-14 Noriyuki Mizoguchi Double Aromaticity in Monocyclic Carbon Clusters
I-15 Julio R. De la Fuente Charge Transfer Complexes Formation Between Benzoanthracenones and Amines
II-15 Thwanthwadi B. Moekwa Synthesis and Chemical Transformation of Fused Tetrazoles Derivatives from of 2-bromomethyl- and 2-iodomethyl-3,5,6,7-tetrahydrobenzofuran-4-ones
I-16 Julio R. De la Fuente Spectroscopic Characterization of Radicals Species from 2,3-dihydro-oxoisoaporphines Generated by Flash Photolysis and Pulse Radiolysis
II-16 Robert Musiol Structure-Lipophilicity Relationships in Series of Quinoline Derivatives
I-17 Michał A. Dobrowolski Structural Analysis of Psoralens and Their Analogues
II-17 Miljenko Novosel Charge-Transfer and Oxidized States of Boron-Bridged Ferrocene Monomers and Polymers
I-18 Małgorzata Domagała Do the N-H...F and S-H...F Interactions Fnfluence on C-H...N and C-H...S Hydrogen Bonds?
II-18 Tadeusz Ossowski Studies on C-H and N-H Pyrazine Acid-Base Properties.
I-19 Sławomir Domagała Charge Density Studies of Tetraazamacrocyclic Complexes of Copper(II) and Nickel(II)
II-19 Janusz Oszczapowicz Sensitivity of Carbon Atom Bonded to a Substituent to its Polar Effects in the 13C NMR Spectra
I-20 Paulina M. Dominiak Macromolecular Interaction Energies from a Theoretical Databank of Transferable Aspherical Pseudoatoms
II-20 Irena Oszczapowicz DNA Damage and Lipid Peroxidation in L1210 Cells by Formamidino Derivatives of Doxorubicin
I-21 Teresa M. Duarte Synthesis and Excited State Properties of a [60]Fullerene Derivative Bearing a Star-Shaped Multi-Photon Absorption Chromophore
II-21 Mercedes Parajó Kinetics and Mechanism of the Nitrosation of Cyclic 1,3-diones by SNO+
I-22 Joanna Dziemidowicz Synthesis of Calix[4]arene-Based Tetraphosphonic Acid and its Complexing Properties Towards Aminoacids Derivatives in Water
II-22 Marcin Pawlak Anion Recognition by Artificial Polyamide Receptors
I-23 Krzysztof Ejsmont Properties of the Diazo Group (-N=N-) Modified by Oxidation
II-23 Mateusz Pitak Interactions in the Crystal Structure of Guanidinium Hydrogen Oxalate Monohydrate Derived from Experimental Charge Density Distribution
I-24 Walter M. Fabian Centipedolide A: Isolation, Structure and Absolute Configuration
II-24 Ewa D. Raczyńska Gas-Phase Lithium Cation Basicity of Histamine and its Agonist 2-(β-aminoethyl)-pyridine. Chelation Effect
I-25 Walter M. Fabian Cyclization of α-Diazonitriles to 5-Halo-1,2,3-triazoles. A Combined Experimental and Computational Study
II-25 Andrzej J. Rafalski Influence of Copolymers on Radiation Resistance of Polypropylene Blends
I-26 Matthias Filthaus Bromine-Lithium Exchange in 1,2-Dibromobenzene and the Intermediacy of 1,2-Dilithiobenzene
II-26 Marcos C. Rezende α-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexes with Solvatochromic Pyridiniophenolates
I-27 Sergio E. Galembeck Evaluation of Proton Affinity, Gas Phase Basicity and Heat of Formation for 2-Pirrolidinone and γ-Butyrolactone by Isodesmic Reactions: Comparison Between Composite and DFT Methods
II-27 Daniel Rodríguez Ramos Quantum Chemical Study of the Hydrolysis of Imines: Structure and Reactivity
I-28 Luis Garcia-Rio Mechanism of the Reation of N-nitrososulfonamides with Alkali-metal Ethoxides
II-28 Paulina K. Rogowska Intermolecular Donor-Acceptor Interactions of B(OH)2 Group in Phenylboronic Acids – Important or Not?
I-29 Myriam S. Giambiagi Bond Indices in Dihydrogen Bonds
II-29 Anna Sadowska The Effects of a Guanine Hole on the Structure and Dynamics of DNA Duplexes. Consequences for Theoretical Estimation of Charge Transfer Parameters
I-30 Jose Giner Planas Designing Neutral Coordination Networks Using Cyclopentadienyl Cobaltacarborane Supramolecular Synthons: an Exercise in Crystal Engineering
II-30 José G. Santos Kinetics and Mechanism of the Pyridinolysis of Thiolbenzoates and Carbonates
I-31 Stephen A. Glover The HERON Reaction - Origin, Theoretical Background and Prevalence
II-31 José G. Santos Aminolysis of Aryl Chlorodithioformates. A Kinetic Study
I-32 José R B Gomes The Dissociation Enthalpy of the (N-O) Bond in Methyl-2-methylquinoxaline-3-carboxylate 1-N-oxide
II-32 Michael Schmittel From Supramolecular Porphyrin Tweezers to Dynamic AnBmClDk Multiporphyrin Arrangements Through Orthogonal Coordination
I-33 Dirk Grote Quartet Ground State Nitrene Radicals
II-33 Florian Seeliger Electrophilicities of Benzylidenebarbituric Acids
I-34 Guenter Haefelinger Problems Associated with Settings for ab initio Calculations of Torsional Barriers with Gaussian 03
II-34 Remigiusz Serwa Antioxidant Behavior of 2-Amino-5-pyridinols Derived from Vitamin B6
I-35 Maja Harej The Influence of Structure on the Autoxidation of Hydrazones
II-35 Daniel A. Silva Synthesis and Reactivity of New Benzimidazolylcarbamates
I-36 Paweł Horeglad The Competition Between P=O···X (X = I, Br) Interaction and P=O···H Hydrogen Bond in Iodine- and Bromine Compounds Containing an O,C,O-coordinating Pincer-Type Ligand
II-36 Janusz W. Sobczak Pt L2 and L3 Absorption Studies of Pt-doped Polymers
I-37 Gloria Huerta Preparation and Characterization of Novel Grafted Azo-polymers Containing Disperse Orange-3, Disperse Orange-13, Disperse Yellow-7 and Disperse Red-13.
II-37 Adam Sobczuk Molecular Recognition of Nitro- and Cyanoarenes by Podand Diazacoronands
I-38 Gloria Huerta Linear and Non-linear Optical Properties of 2,5-disubstituted Pyrroles Supported by a Catalyst-free SiO2 Sonogel Matrix
II-38 Natasza Sprutta Dithia- and Dioxadiazuliporphyrin: Facile Generation of Carbaporphyrinoid Cation Radical and Dication
I-39 Kimiaki Imafuku Synthesis and Stabilities of 3-Indolyl-substituted Methyl Cations
II-39 Zois Syrgiannis Thermodynamic Parameters ∆∆H and ∆∆S as Probes for the Transition State in the Reaction of N-phenyltriazolinedione with Alkenes in Nucleophilic Solvents.
I-40 Agnieszka Iwan Thermotropic Azomethine-Based Liquid Crystals for Plastic Electronics
II-40 Halina Szatylowicz Varying Electronegativity of OH/O- Groups Depending on the Nature and Strength of H-bonding in Phenol/Phenolate involved in H-bond complexation
I-41 Agnieszka Iwan A Novel Blue Light Emitting Materials Based on the Triphenylamine Core
II-41 Andrzej R. Teisseyre Patch-Clamp Study on the Influence of Zinc and Copper Ions on the Activity of Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels Kv1.3
I-42 Bożena Jarząbek Azobenzene-Functionalized Polymers as Potential Materials for Fabrication of Nanostructures
II-42 Joel Torres Alacan Time-Resolved and DFT Study of the Reactions and Mechanisms of M(CO)5 Cyclohexane M=(Cr, Mo, W) with Different Ligands
I-43 Bożena Jarząbek Optical Studies of Aromatic Polyazomethine Thin Films
II-43 Shinji Toyota Photoreactions of 1,8-Anthrylene-ethynylene Acyclic Oligomers
I-44 Jan S. Jaworski Transition Between Concerted and Stepwise Mechanisms of the Reductive Bond Cleavage of 1-Chloro-10-methyltribenzotriquinacene
II-44 Shinji Toyota Synthesis and Structures of 1,8-Anthrylene-alkynylene Cyclic Trimers with Strained Frameworks
I-45 Olga T. Kasaikina Interaction of Hydroperoxides with Natural and Synthetic Antioxidants Catalized by Cationic Surfactants
II-45 Satoshi Usui Photosolvolysis Mechanism of Phenacyl Mesylate
I-46 Katarzyna Ostrowska Bis-(cycloamidin-2-yl)alkanes as the Proton Trap
II-46 Sonia Vilariño Patiño Photoreactivity of β- and γ-Lactams
I-47 Byeong Hyo Kim Heterocyclizations of N-[(2-nitroaryl)methyl ene]arenamines to (2-aryl-2H-indazol-3-yl)ryl amines via Indium/iodine-mediated Reaction
II-47 Małgorzata Wąsowska-Łukawska Influence of Transformation of the Amino Group in Anthracyclines into -N=CH-N< or -N=CH-O- Group on Their Biological Properties
I-48 Hwan Myung Kim Acedan-Derived Two-Photon Probe for Cytosolic Mg2+ Measurement in a Living Cell
II-48 Tomasz Zieliński The Indole-Based Receptors for Anion Recognition
I-49 Vasyl Kinzhybalo Aqua Magnesium(II) Phthalocyanine Bis(diethylamine) Solvate
II-49 Katarzyna Zientara DFT Studies of Amide-Iminol and Amine-Imine Tautomerism for Cytosine
I-50 Aleksander Koll Structural Consequences of the Formation of Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding
II-50 Anna Żubrowska Benzylaminoboronic Acids - Synthesis and Characterization
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