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Thermotropic Azomethine-Based Liquid Crystals for Plastic Electronics

Agnieszka Iwan 1Sandrine Martins 2Henryk Janeczek 1Ryszard Kwiatkowski 3Adam Pron 2Patrice Rannou 2Danuta Sek 1

1. Polish Academy of Sciences, Centre of Polymer Chemistry, M. Sklodowskiej-Curie 34, Zabrze 41-819, Poland
2. CEA Grenoble, DRFMC, SPrAM, LEMOH Lab. (CEA), 17 Rue des martyrs, Grenoble 38054, France
3. University of Bielsko-Biala, Willowa 2, Bielsko-Biała 43-309, Poland


In this communication, we will report the synthesis and detailed chemical (1H/13C NMR, Elemental Analysis, FTIR-ATR, and SEC), thermal (WAXD-SAXS, DSC, POM, polarized FTIR-ATR), and optical (UV-Vis and PL) characterizations of two types (see Fig.1) of π-conjugated organic semi-conductors (OSCs) for the field of organic/plastic (opto)electronics: Thermotropic liquid crystalline (LC) bis(azomethine) OSCs (LCBAZx) vs. ionically self-assembled thermotropic LC bis(azomethine)-alkylsulfonic acid supermolecules (ISALCBAZx) in which the side-groups (i.e. functionalized sulfonic acids (FSA): C10H21SO3H) are connected to the LCBAZ's π-conjugated backbone by a non-covalent (ionic-type (acid-base): protonation of the CH=N units by SO3H groups of the FSA derivative used in this study) interaction. We will demonstrate that some (8 over 16) of the members of this concise library of LC OSCs behave as thermostable "greenish emitters" leading to an overall tuning of the maximum of their emission bands over 42nm. Finally, based on detailed thermal (sequence of phase transitions: glass transitions, crystallization-melting, ordering-disordering of (smectic+nematic) mesophases, and isotropization) vs. optical (UV-Vis & PL) characterizations, we will discuss how the complex LC behavior of these "smart" LCBAZx/ISALCBAZx organic semi-conductors is impacting their optoelectronic properties.



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Presentation: poster at 18th Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry, Posters, by Agnieszka Iwan
See On-line Journal of 18th Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry

Submitted: 2006-05-22 12:49
Revised:   2009-06-07 00:44