18th Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry

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August 21st, Monday

11:30 00:20:00 oral George M. Blackburn Enzyme Catalysed Phosphoryl Transfer Reactions: Magnesium and Other Metal Fluorides as Substrate and Transition-State Analogs
11:50 00:20:00 oral Stephen A. Glover Mutagenicity of N-Acyloxy-N-alkoxyamides as Probes for Drug-DNA Interactions
12:10 00:20:00 oral Arturo Santaballa How do Biocides Derived from Sym-Triazines Start Their Fate?
12:30 00:20:00 oral László F. Szabó Reaction Mechanism and Chemotaxonomy in the Formation of Type II and Type III Indole Alkaloids Derived from Secologanin
12:50 00:20:00 oral Peter R. Seidl Locating and Evaluating Steric Effects by NMR
17:00 00:20:00 oral Shinjiro Kobayashi Time-Resolved IR Detection of the Ylide Structure by Intramolecular Cyclization of Photoreaction of 2-Azaaromatic Substituted Diazomethyl Ketones
17:20 00:20:00 oral Howard Maskill New Chemistry of N-Nitroso- N,O-dialkylhydroxylamines and Related Compounds
17:40 00:20:00 oral François Terrier Connecting the Superelectrophilic and Diels-Alder Reactivities of Nitrobenzofuroxans

August 22nd, Tuesday

11:30 00:20:00 oral Jerzy Błażejowski Tautomerism of Acridin-9-amines
11:50 00:20:00 oral Marvin Charton The Mode of Transmission of Electrical Effects: Evidence from NMR Spectra
12:10 00:20:00 oral José R B Gomes Computational Study on the Thermochemistry of β-Diketones and Their Radicals: O-H vs C-H Homolytic Bond Cleavage
12:30 00:20:00 oral Lucjan Sobczyk Studies of the Methyl Groups Dynamics in Molecular Complexes
12:50 00:20:00 oral Aliaksandr Baidak Ionization of Various Monofunctional Derivatives of Naphtalene by Bimolecular Free Electron Transfer
17:00 00:20:00 oral Patrick Bultinck Measuring Electron Delocalization in Aromatic Molecules
17:20 00:20:00 oral Ewa D. Raczyńska On Geometry-based HOMED (a Measure of Hyperconjugation, n-π, and π-π Conjugation) and HOMA Index (a Measure of Aromaticity)
17:40 00:20:00 oral Hossein Fallah-Bagher-Shaidaei Evaluations of NICS Aromaticity Indexes for Planar π Rings
18:00 00:20:00 oral Sergio E. Galembeck Effect of Substituents and Protonation on the Electronic Structure of [2.2]Paracyclophane

August 23rd, Wednesday

11:30 00:20:00 oral Herbert Mayr Quantifying Electrophilicity and Nucleophilicity
11:50 00:20:00 oral Zvi Rappoport Cyclization of Active Methylene Compounds with ω-Chloroalkyl Isocyanates and Isothiocyanates and Related Species
12:10 00:20:00 oral Peter Guthrie Predicting the Rates of Organic Reactions in Solution: Addition of Thiols and Sulfite to Carbonyl Compounds
12:30 00:20:00 oral Petr K. Sazonov An Expanded Nucleophilicity Range of Metal Carbonyl Anions in Vinylic Substitution Reactions
12:50 00:20:00 oral Malose J. Mphahlele Regio- versus Non-Regioselectivity of Haloenolcyclization of 2-Allylcyclo-1,3-hexanediones Using Iodine in Methanol and Pyridinium tribromide in Dichloromethane
17:00 00:20:00 oral Urszula M. Domańska-Żelazna Thermodynamic Phase Behavior of Ionic Liquids
17:20 00:20:00 oral Piotr Kaszynski New Persistent Heteroaromatic Radicals as Building Blocks for Paramagnetic Liquid Crystals
17:40 00:20:00 oral Pance Naumov Direct Observation of the Photoinduced Phase Transition of the Stable Organic Radical TTTA by Powder Photodiffraction
18:00 00:20:00 oral Guo-Zhen Ji Deaggregation Behaviors of Organic Compounds

August 25th, Friday

11:30 00:20:00 oral Marcin Stępień 22-Hydroxybenziporphyrin: Switching of Antiaromaticity by Phenol-Keto Tautomerization
11:50 00:20:00 oral Thanh Binh Phan Towards a General Scale of Nucleophilicity?
12:10 00:20:00 oral Mirosław Szafran Structural, Spectroscopic and ab initio Studies of N-methyl-pyridine-carboxylate Inner Salts and Their Complexes with Mineral Acids
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