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The Mode of Transmission of Electrical Effects: Evidence from NMR Spectra

Marvin Charton 

Pratt Institute (PI), 200 Willoughby Avenue, New York, NY 11205, United States


We have studied the transmission of electrical effects [1-4] as a function of substituent chemical shifts, scs, in 1H, 13C, and 19F NMR spectra of XGY in which X is the substituent, Y is the atom responsible for the chemical shift and G is the skeletal group to which X and Y are bonded. The C atom of G which is bonded to X is sp2 hybridized. We have shown that L values obtained from correlation with the LDR equation are a measure of the magnitude of electrical effect transmission. Preliminary results for correlation of -L values of XG-19F scs with the equation

log (-L) = a1 log n + a0 (1)

gives the regression equation (2) on exclusion of the value for G of 6,2-naphthalene.

log (-L) = -3.20 (± 0.580) log n + 2.99 (± 0.401) (2)

r2, 83.59; F, 30.56; Sest. 0.206; S0, 0.468; Ndp, 8 .

This corresponds to a modified field effect with a dependence on 1/r3.

We have also examined the composition of the group electronegativity parameters often used in the description of 19F scs. They are a function of electrical effect and polarizability parameters [5]. The regression equation is:

σχ = 0.424(± 0.107) σe - 0.329 (± 0.0929)σd -1.10(± 0.468) (3)

R2, 84.23; A100R2, 81.36; F, 17.80; Sest, 0.0897; S0, 0.470; Ndp, 14.

It seems likely that there is at least one additional variable as yet undiscovered.

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Presentation: oral at 18th Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry, Symposium 1, by Marvin Charton
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