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Exploring the optical and electrical properties of SrCu2O2: theoretical and experimental studies

Mircea Modreanu 1Michael J. Nolan 1Simon D. Elliott 1Ekaterina Chikoidze 2Bernard Servet 3Olivier Durand 3,7Guy Garry 3Guido Huyberechts 5Evie L. Papadopoulou 4Elias Aperathitis 4Odette Chaix-Pluchery 6Jean-Luc Deschanvres 6

1. University College Cork, Tyndall National Institute (TYNDALL), Lee Maltings, Prospect Row, Cork, Ireland
2. University of Versailles CNRS (GEMAC), 1, Place A. Briand, Meudon 92195, France
3. Thales Research and Technology (TRT), Route Départementale 128, Palaiseau 91767, France
4. Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, FORTH,, P.O. Box 1527, Vassilika Vouton, Heraklion 71110, Greece
5. Umicore Group Research and Development, Kasteelstraat 7 B-2250, Olen B-2250, Belgium
6. Laboratoire des Matériaux et du Génie Physique, Minatec-Bâtiment INPG, BP 257, Grenoble 38016, France, Grenoble 38016, France
7. Département Matériaux et Nanotechnologies UMR-FOTON, 20 av. des Buttes de Coësmes, Rennes CS14315, France


In the framework of a European project, NATCO (Novel Advanced Transparent Conducting Oxides) we are working towards a deeper understanding of the optical properties and conduction mechanism of Cu based TCOs, which are currently the leading p-type TCO candidates. In this contribution, we review and correlate modelling studies and experimental results of optical and electrical properties of SrCu2O2. Using first principles modeling we have investigated point defects such as Cu and oxygen vacancies providing insights into the origin of p-type conduction. The experimental optical constants of both bulk and thin films of SrCu2O2 over a large spectral range have been inferred from spectroscopic ellipsometry and reflectance/transmission spectrophotometry measurements. Computed and experimental phonon modes obtained from Raman and Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy are reported for the tetragonal SrCu2O2 phase. In conjunction with XRD and FTIR, Raman measurements provide a more comprehensive understanding of the SrCu2O2 thin films crystalline structure. The correlation between optical and microstructural properties and the assignment of infrared and Raman active modes for SrCu2O2 in thin films deposited by Pulsed Laser deposition and MOCVD is discussed. Temperature-resolved optical and electrical properties of SrCu2O2 thin films will be also presented.


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Presentation: Oral at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2008, Symposium B, by Mircea Modreanu
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2008

Submitted: 2008-05-19 18:46
Revised:   2009-06-07 00:48