SMCBS'2009 International Workshop

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November 7th, Saturday

09:00 00:40:00 Tutorial lecture Gunther Wittstock Moving Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy to Real World Problems
09:40 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Faycal R. Hamou Numerical simulation of probing the electric double layer by scanning electrochemical potential microscopy
10:00 00:15:00 Short communication Stefania Rapino Reactive micropatterned surfaces. In situ substrate modification for biological post-functionalitation by scanning electrochemical microscopy.
10:15 00:15:00 Short communication Yvonne Ackermann Laccase-redoxpolymer cathodes for biofuel cells. Evaluation using an electrochemical robotic system.
10:55 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Rabah Boukherroub Diamond nanowires: preparation, functionalization and applications
11:15 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Priscilla G. Baker End termination of commercial BDD electrodes with Sulphur and Nitrogen functionality for improved immobilisation of biomolecules.
11:35 00:15:00 Short communication Anne Vuorema Electrochemical behaviour of carbonised cellulose nanofibril films on the ITO electrode surface
11:50 00:15:00 Short communication Chia-Yu Lin Hydrogen peroxide sensor based on Ag nanoparticles/zinc oxide modified electrode
12:05 00:15:00 Short communication John Watkins Positively Charged Surface Functionalised Carbon Nanoparticles as Binding Sites for Redox Active Species
12:20 00:15:00 Short communication Matthias Heim Electrochemical growth of alternating Metal/Polymer layers into a colloidal crystal template
12:35 00:15:00 Short communication Krzysztof R. Noworyta FIA detection of nicotine and cotinine using piezomicrogravimetric sensors with zinc porphyrin polymer films as their recognition elements
14:00 00:40:00 Tutorial lecture Karsten Haupt Nanostructured molecularly imprinted polymers - synthetic receptors for protein recognition
14:40 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Jay D. Wadhawan Dynamics of electrochemical bond cleavage in immobilised reagents
15:00 00:15:00 Short communication Patrizia R. Mussini An effective multipurpose building block for 3D electropolymerizations: 2,2’-bis(2,2’-bithiophene-5-yl)-3,3’-bi-1-benzothiophene
15:15 00:15:00 Short communication Agnieszka Pietrzyk A melamine acoustic chemosensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer film
15:55 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Lo Gorton Electrochemical Communication between Viable Bacterial Cells and Flexible Redox Polymers
16:15 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Sergey Shleev Enzymatic fuel cells
16:35 00:15:00 Short communication Renata Bilewicz Carbon nanotube nanostructured electrodes for membrane – less biofuel cell based on liquid-crystalline phases as matrices for enzymes
16:50 00:15:00 Short communication Martin Jönsson-Niedziółka Pyrene functionalised single-walled carbon nanotubes for bioelectrocatalysis
17:05 00:15:00 Short communication Wojciech Nogala Bilirubin oxidase modified carbon ceramic electrode for bioelectrocatalytic reduction of dioxygen supplied from gas phase
17:20 00:15:00 Short communication Ivan Ivanov The influence of some structural parameters  on the performance of an enzymatic anode for glucose oxidation
17:35 00:15:00 Short communication Barbara Pałys Poly-o-aminophenol as laccase mediator and influence of enzyme on the polymer electrodeposition
17:50 00:15:00 Short communication Giorgio Ceolin Surface Imprinted Micro- and Nanorod Polymers with Magnetic Cores for Protein Recognition

November 8th, Sunday

09:00 00:40:00 Tutorial lecture Wolfgang Schuhmann Scanning electrochemical microscopy into the nanoscale
09:40 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Paweł J. Kulesza Development of novel bioelectrocatalytic systems through controlled combination of multiwalled carbon nanotubes, redox mediators and enzymes
10:00 00:15:00 Short communication Leonard Stoica Horse-radish peroxidase-modified 3D-hierarchical carbon nanotube electrode - characteristics and potential applications
10:15 00:15:00 Short communication Michael Bron Electrodeposition of metalloporphyrines for the preparation of electrocatalytically active surfaces
10:55 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Gregory G. Wildgoose Generator/collector experiments at a single, chemically-modified electrode: introduction and general applicability
11:15 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Alain Walcarius Silica-based mesoporous materials in electroanalysis: interests and limitations
11:35 00:15:00 Short communication Adam Lesniewski A facile preparation of the nanoparticulate film from conductive and nonconductive particles of the opposite charge
11:50 00:15:00 Short communication Frank Marken Conduction in Nanoparticle Assemblies and Mesoporous Films
12:05 00:15:00 Short communication Katarzyna Szot Bioelectrocatalytic electrode obtained by layer-by-layer assembling of sol-gel processed ionic liquid and hydrophilic carbon nanoparticles and adsorbed bilirubine oxidase
12:20 00:15:00 Short communication Sara Shariki Ion Association Effects in Cellulose – Poly-(Diallyldimethylammonium) Reassembled Membranes Immersed in Acetonitrile
12:35 00:15:00 Short communication Emmanuel I. Iwuoha Interrogation of polyaniline-polystyrene nanocomposite as impedimetric platform for direct ochratoxin A immunosensor  
14:00 00:40:00 Tutorial lecture Masa-aki Haga Surface Molecular Assemblies Based on Surface Coordination Chemistry of Functional Metal Complexes Towards Molecular Devices
14:40 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Elena E. Ferapontova Application of DNA and RNA Beacons in Electroanalysis: What Are Limits for Sensitivity and Selectivity?
15:00 00:15:00 Short communication Elahe Farjami Electrochemistry of redox-labelled DNAs immobilized onto electrodes through the de-novo designed triazene linker 
15:15 00:15:00 Short communication Magdalena Gebala Design of the interface properties of self-assembled thiol/DNA monolayers for improved DNA detection assays.
15:55 00:40:00 Tutorial lecture Benoit Limoges Electrochemical enzyme biosensors: from fundamental studies of the reactivity of enzymes immobilized on electrode surfaces to the elaboration of highly sensitive analytical devices
16:35 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Paolo Actis Label-free immunoassay based on functionalized nanopipettes
16:55 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Mikhail Y. Vagin Soft interfaces for direct detection of biomolecules
17:15 00:15:00 Short communication Andrew Collins Triple Phase Boundary Photo-Voltammetry: Resolving Rhodamine B Reactivity in 4-(3-Phenylpropyl)-Pyridine Microdroplets
17:30 00:15:00 Short communication Joanna Niedziolka-Jonsson Electrosynthesis of Ionic Liquid Covalently Bounded to Mesoporous Silicate at a Three Phase Junction Electrode|Liquid|Liquid
17:45 00:15:00 Short communication Norahim Ibrahim Carbon Dioxide Sensing Systems Based On Processes At Triple Phase Boundary Interfaces
18:00 00:15:00 Short communication Wojciech Adamiak Multistep electroreduction of fullerene C60 in 1,2-dichlorobenzene-water biphasic system

November 9th, Monday

14:00 00:40:00 Tutorial lecture Paul A. Millner  Immobilisation of proteins on biosensing surfaces using generic and specific affinity procedures
14:40 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Larbi Touahir Highly sensitive biosensors based on amorphous silicon-carbon alloys
15:00 00:15:00 Short communication Nikolaos N. Daskalakis Electron and Proton Transfer Across Biological Membranes, Measured Using Vesicles Immobilised on Electrode Surfaces.
15:15 00:15:00 Short communication Giovanni Valenti Electrochemiluminescent biosensor for Palytoxin detection based on CNTs surface modifications.
15:55 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Sabine Szunerits Short and long range sensing on plasmonic interfaces
16:15 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Francis D'Souza Bio-inspired Supramolecular Nano-Self Assemblies for Light Energy Conversion
16:35 00:15:00 Short communication Yi-Hsuan Lai Increasing the surface area of electrodeposited-Pt through adding surfactant for dye-sensitized solar cell application
16:50 00:15:00 Short communication Robert P. Lynch Photo-Electrochemical Investigation of Self-Organized TiO2 Nanotubes
17:05 00:15:00 Short communication Charles Y. Cummings MoSe2 Substrates for the Electrodeposition of CISe Semiconductor Films
17:20 00:15:00 Short communication Matthias Will Silicon micro sensors as integrated readout platform for colorimetric and fluorescence based opto-chemical tranducers
17:35 00:15:00 Short communication Richard Webster Silver Nanoparticle Catalysed NO3- Reduction Characterised with a Hydrodynamic Generator-Collector SPCE System
17:50 00:15:00 Short communication Chung-Wen Lin Chemiresistive-type NO gas sensor based on in-situ synthesized poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) film

November 10th, Tuesday

09:00 00:40:00 Tutorial lecture Izabella Brand Application of gold, silica and titania surfaces for the PM IRRAS: structural studies of biologically relevant films
09:40 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Munetaka Oyama Attachment of gold nanoparticles on indium tin oxide for tuning nanostructured electrode interfaces
10:00 00:15:00 Short communication Agata Królikowska Electrochemical and SEIRA characterization of mercaptosuccinic acid monolayer on Au(111) further employed for cytochrome c immobilization
10:15 00:15:00 Short communication Martina Nullmeier Electrochemical studies of the interaction of three component lipid bilayers with siglec protein
10:55 00:15:00 Short communication Pavol Vitovic Study of the interfacial properties of calixarenes and their interaction with dopamine in mixed phospholipid monolayers
11:10 00:15:00 Short communication Katarzyna M. Piekielska Impedimetric RNA assay – detection of the activity of a hairpin ribozyme
11:25 00:15:00 Short communication Sho Fujii Surface manipulation and immobilization of single DNA wire on Au surface
11:40 00:15:00 Short communication Joanna Hajdukiewicz Enzyme-amplified amperometric DNA hybridization assay based on bioelectrocatalysis using redox-polymer modified electrodes
11:55 00:40:00 Tutorial lecture Gary J. Blanchard Strategies for Self-Assembly of Phospholipids at Interfaces
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