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Ion Association Effects in Cellulose – Poly-(Diallyldimethylammonium) Reassembled Membranes Immersed in Acetonitrile

Sara Shariki 1Liza Rassaei 1Wim Thielemans 2Frank Marken 1

1. University of Bath, Department of Chemistry, Claverton Down, Bath BA2-7AY, United Kingdom
2. University of Nottingham, School of Chemistry and Process and Environmental Research Division, Nottingham NG72RD, United Kingdom


Cellulose is one of the most abundant raw materials. It is an excellent natural absorbent and employed for many separation and chromatography applications. Natural celluloses can be digested into nanofibrillar cellulose and then re-assembled in to novel nano-composites [1]. The versatility of cellulose and the facile incorporation of “receptor” components into nanocellulose films [2] are of interest in sensor development, membrane technology, and drug release applications. Ion association effects are commonly observed when cellulose-nanocomposite membranes are immersed in aqueous media [3]. In this study, the interaction of electro-generated ions is investigated with cellulose – poly-(diallyldimethylamonium) (PDDA) membranes immersed in acetonitrile.

Cellulose-PDDA film deposits are formed at glassy carbon electrode surfaces and the properties of these films (in terms of ion permeability, ion absorption, and specific binding) are investigated for two model redox systems in acetonitrile: (i) the reduction of duroquinone and (ii) the oxidation of ferrocene. The composition and thickness of the cellulose-PDDA film deposit are important in controlling the electrochemical behaviour. Anion binding for example for duroquinone radical anions is observed.  


[1]     M. J. Bonné, M. Helton, K. Edler, F. Marken, Elecrochem. Commun., 9 (2007) 42.

[2]     K. Tsourounaki, M.J. Bonné, W. Thielemans, E. Psillakis, M. Helton, A. McKee, F. Marken, Electroanalysis, 20 (2008) 2395.

[3]     M.J. Bonné, K.J. Edler, J.G. Buchanan, D. Wolverson, E. Psillakis, M. Helton, W.
         Thielemans, F. Marken, J. Phys. Chem. C, 112 (2008) 2660.


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Presentation: Short communication at SMCBS'2009 International Workshop, by Sara Shariki
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Submitted: 2009-09-04 14:21
Revised:   2009-09-04 15:27