E-MRS Fall Meeting 2005

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Presenting person
H-1 Herbert Ipser

ELFNET: A European Network on Lead Free soldering

H-2 Adela Zemanova

Interaction of Ag-In-Sn Solders with Palladium Substrates: A Phase Diagram Approach

H-3 Artur Kudyba

Comparison of wetting and mechanical properties of Cu/Sn-based solder couples produced under vacuum and under flux

H-4 Aissa Mellal

Description of the mechanical performance of Cu-SnAgCu-Cu joints

H-5 Stefan F. Awietjan

Optimization of particle reinforced lead-free solders

H-6 Vinzenz Bissig

Development of nanoparticle reinforced brazing filler metals and solders: the aspects of downscaling from micro to nanoscale

H-7 Viorel T. Braic

Ti layer ion assisted deposition in metal ceramic bonding

H-8 Waldemar Wołczyński

Model for intermetallic phase and intermetallic compound solidification during diffusion soldering

H-9 Andrian V. Kuchuk

Relationship between condition of deposition and properties of W-Ti-N thin films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering

H-10 Waldemar Ziaja

Tensile deformation behaviour of the titanium alloy with hard elastic coating

H-11 Maciej Lachowicz

Characteristics of welded joints and cracks occurred during pad welding of superalloy Inconel 713C

H-12 Jerzy Nowacki

Structure and properties of joints of 14-5 PH steel and PM Fe-TiC composite using filler metal BNi2/MBF 20

H-13 Rafal Nowak

The Wetting Behaviour and Interface Structure of Unreinforced and Particle Reinforced Lead-Free Solders

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