E-MRS Fall Meeting 2005

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oral Vasil P. Yashchuk

Random Laser with Increased Efficiency

September 5th, Monday

14:05 00:45:00 invited oral Jacek Kijenski

Modified main groups metal oxides as potential active fillers for polymers

14:50 00:20:00 oral Michael Ioelovich Study of nano-plastics containing fillers of different types
15:10 00:20:00 invited oral Zbigniew Dobkowski

On thermal analysis of hybrid polymer systems

September 6th, Tuesday

09:00 00:30:00 invited oral Renata Reisfeld Doped Polymeric Systems based on sol gel technology, their optical properties and potential industrial applications
09:30 00:20:00 oral Claudiu Valentin Suciu

Experimental investigation of the dynamic contact angle hysteresis past a solid surface from hydrophobized silica gel

10:10 00:20:00 invited oral Maria Zielecka

Silicone-containing polymer matrices. The effect of surface layer structure on antisoiling properties

14:00 00:30:00 invited oral Stanislaw Słomkowski

Hybrid polymeric materials for medical applications

14:30 00:30:00 invited oral Petra Uhlmann

Binary polymer brushes as a versatile tool to create stimuli responsive coatings

15:00 00:30:00 invited oral Oleg L. Figovsky Organic-inorganic Nanohybrid Materials for coatings.
15:50 00:30:00 invited oral Roberta Bongiovanni

Fluorinated hybrid networks through photopolymerisation processes

16:20 00:30:00 invited oral Francine Guida-Pietrasanta "Hybrid" silicones. An overview on polysilalkylene or silarylene siloxanes fluorinated or not.
16:50 00:20:00 oral Christoforos N. Gravalidis

X-ray diffuse scattering investigation of PTFE surfaces

September 7th, Wednesday

09:00 00:30:00 invited oral Janusz Kozakiewicz

Silicone-containing hybrid polymer dispersions designed for coating applications

09:30 00:20:00 oral Maria Obloj-Muzaj

Hybrid and other nanoparticles for vinyl chloride polymerisation nucleation

09:50 00:20:00 oral Roberta Bongiovanni

Hybrid uv-curved coatings containing montmorillonites

10:10 00:20:00 oral Zbigniew Bończa-Tomaszewski

Dual curing photopolymerization in coating compositions

14:00 00:30:00 invited oral Krzysztof Pielichowski

Advanced polyoxymethylene-based nanostructured materials

14:30 00:20:00 oral Regina Jeziorska

New higher added value polymeric materials made of poly(ethylene terephthalate)-contained fabrics waste and polyamide 6

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