E-MRS Fall Meeting 2005

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September 5th, Monday

14:00 00:45:00 invited oral Qingping Sun

Deformation instability and pattern evolution during phase transformation

14:45 00:15:00 oral Heinrich Kern

Investigation on the Mechanism of the Stress-induced Martensitic Phase Transformation of Superelastic Shape Memory Alloys

15:00 00:15:00 oral Elzbieta A. Pieczyska Stress relaxation during superelastic behavior of TiNi shape memory alloy
15:15 00:15:00 oral Vasili V. Rubanik

The Ultrasound Influence on Pseudoelasticity in TiNi

September 6th, Tuesday

09:00 00:15:00 oral Shuichi Miyazaki

Ti-Ni, Ti-Ni-Pd and Ti-Ni-Cu SMA Sputter-deposited Thin Films and Their Microactuators

09:15 00:15:00 oral Hisaaki Tobushi

Energy Storage and Absorption of TiNi Shape Memory Alloy under Various Thermomechanical Loading Conditions

09:30 00:15:00 oral Zhiqing Yang Composition gradients surrounding Ni4Ti3 precipitates in a Ni-rich NiTi alloy studied by EELS, EFTEM and EDX
09:45 00:15:00 oral Stefano Besseghini

Development of a phalangeal prosthesis in NiTi

10:00 00:15:00 oral Yuri A. Kuzavko


14:00 00:45:00 invited oral Tomoyuki Kakeshita

Energy Evaluation for Twinning Plane Movement under Magnetic Field in Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys

14:45 00:15:00 oral Vladimir V. Khovailo

Phase Transitions in Novel Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys Ni-Mn-Sn

15:00 00:15:00 oral Victor Lvov

Time-dependent phenomena and thermal phonons in the Ni–Mn–Ga magnetic shape-memory alloys

15:15 00:15:00 oral Vladimir G. Shavrov

Acoustical properties and acoustopseudoplastic effects in ferromagnetic shape memory alloy NiMnFeGa

15:50 00:15:00 oral Jae-hoon Kim

Martensitic transformation of single crystalline Ni2MnGa under compressive stress

16:05 00:15:00 oral Gursev Pirge


16:20 00:15:00 oral Kwang K. Jee

Effect of grain size on amount of deformation-induced ε martensite and shape memory alloy in Fe-Mn Alloy

16:35 00:15:00 oral Vasiliy D. Buchelnikov

Magnetocaloric effect in Ni2.19Mn0.81Ga Heusler alloy

16:50 00:15:00 oral Victor V. Koledov

Martensitic transition in strong magnetic field and external stress in quaternary ferromagnetic shape memory alloy Ni-Mn-Fe-Ga

17:05 00:15:00 oral Bela D. Shanina A study of the magnetic resonance in a monocrystalline Ni50.47 Mn28.17Ga21.35

September 7th, Wednesday

09:00 00:45:00 invited oral Eckhard Quandt

Polymer-filled Superelastic Thin Film NiTi Tubes

09:45 00:15:00 oral Stefano Besseghini

Two way shape memory training in NiTi shape memory alloys

10:00 00:15:00 oral Yun-Jung Lee

Design and Control of Multistep SMA Actuator

10:15 00:15:00 oral Eunsoo Choi

An Isolation Bearing for Railway Bridges using Shape Memory Alloy Bars

14:00 00:15:00 oral Roman Vitushinsky

Metallic Thin Film Composites with Shape Memory Alloys for Microswitches and Tactile Graphical Displays

14:15 00:15:00 oral Daniel Brugger

Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Microscanner with Large Deflection Angles

14:30 00:15:00 oral Yun Luo

A new application of superelastic SMAs in surgical instruments - hemostatic forceps with safe pressures

14:45 00:15:00 oral Anurag Agarwal

Magnetomechanical Properties of Polycrystalline Ni-Mn-Ga Thin Film Actuators

15:00 00:15:00 oral Dietrich Hinz

NiMnGa Fibres for use in polymer composites

September 8th, Thursday

09:00 00:45:00 invited oral Ferdinando Auricchio

Modeling and Finite element simulation

09:45 00:15:00 oral Etienne Patoor

Finite element analysis of adaptative systems

10:00 00:15:00 oral Andrzej Ziolkowski

3D phenomenological thermodynamics of pseudoelasticity at finite strain, concepts

10:15 00:15:00 oral Jozef Lelatko

The modeling of the deformation behavior of Cu-Al-Nb shape memory alloys containing primary particles

11:00 00:15:00 oral Stefan Seelecke

A Model for Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Thin film Actuators

11:15 00:15:00 oral Berthold Krevet

Coupled simulation of the thermo-magneto-mechanical properties of a Ni-Mn-Ga actuator

11:30 00:15:00 oral Takeshi Okuyama

Modeling the stress-induced transition behaviour of shape memory alloy using mixture theory

11:45 00:15:00 oral Murat Ermis

Prediction of the Martensite Transformation Temperatures of NiMnGa Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys Using Artificial Neural Networks

12:00 00:15:00 oral Laurent Hirsinger

Modeling of rearrangement yield surface under biaxial magnetic field in Ni-Mn-Ga shape memory alloys

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