This session will cover all aspects of crystal growth under external fields, including reduced gravity, magnetic, and electric fields, focusing on papers that will advance our understanding of the fundamental processes.   Experimental research and modeling contributions on interactions between convection and mass transport phenomena occurring in crystal growth and purification are welcome.  Convection driven by buoyancy, surface tension and externally applied fields will be considered, including limitations of diffusive transport regimes, and possibilities provided by magnetic fields with respect to support or replace microgravity conditions. Other phenomena related to the occurrence or absence of a field like de-wetting are welcome. The materials include semiconductors, protein crystals, and model materials suitable for microgravity experiments, but the session is open to other material groups as well.


Invited speakers (confirmed):

Jeffrey J. Derby (University of Minnesota, USA)
Analysis of the Nonlinear Behavior of Detached Bridgman Growth in Microgravity

Satoshi Uda (Tohoku University, Japan)
The Effect of an External Electric Field on Phase Equilibria, Nucleation and Growth


Arne Cröll  (Germany) arne.croell@krist.uni-freiburg.de
Alexandar Ostrogrosky  (USA) aostrogo@iit.edu