This session will cover the recent progresses in growth of bulk crystals and epitaxial layers of two groups of intensively studied wide band-gap semiconductors – nitrides and oxides. The session will cover not only growth related phenomena, but also materials characterization, their applications, and device related aspects. We expect that participation in the session will result in exchange of ideas and in presentation of present state of arts.


Invited speakers (confirmed):

Robert Dwilinski (Ammono S.A., Poland)
Ammonothermal growth of GaN substrates

Lutz Geelhaar (PDI Berlin, Germany)
Nucleation and growth of GaN nanowires by molecular beam epitaxy

Jawad ul Hassan (Linköping University of Technology, Sweden)
Advance in Epitaxial Growth of SiC for High Power Devices

Grzegorz Luka (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)
Zinc oxide films grown by atomic layer deposition: from material properties to device applications

Yusuke Mori (Osaka University, Japan)
Fabrication of bulk GaN crystals by Na flux method with a necking technique and a coalescence growth


Marek Godlewski (Poland) godlew@ifpan.edu.pl
Bruno Daudin (France) bruno.daudin@cea.fr