This session will cover the innovations made over the last decade in the area of industrial crystallization. Potential topics will include:
  • Processes suitable for growing large single crystals, for example semiconductors, laser crystals and non-linear optical crystals;
  • The extraction, purification, isolation and separation of materials through crystallization techniques, especially for manufacture of speciality products, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals;
  • Economic issues associated with the industrial scale synthesis and crystallisation of materials with costs that are affordable and sustainable;
  • Inhibition of crystal growth including the control of crystal size/shape, prevention of crystal scale formation in processing systems etc;
  • Safety and environmental factors for large scale production including in-process analytical methods for crystal growth control, preparation of toxic/energetic compounds, the disposal of by-products, etc;
  • Recent advances in the design and operation of industrial crystallisation and characterisation equipment.


Invited speakers (confirmed):

Helmut Cölfen (Universität Konstanz, Germany)
Analysis of the early stages of crystallization processes

Peter W. Dunne (University of Nottingham, United Kingdom)Size- and Shape-Controlled Continuous Flow Hydrothermal Synthesis of Inorganic Nanomaterials

Anna Jawor-Baczynska (University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom)
Development of continuous crystallisation processes of pharmaceutical compounds to achieve better control over final product attributes

Ken Lewtas (Infineum UK Ltd., UK)
Keeping a greener world on the move in winter: controlling crystallisation within fuels and biofuels in cold weather

Vitali A. Tatartchenko (Shanghai CEC Zhenhua Crystal Technology, China)
90 years progress in shaped crystal growth

David H. Wei (Tianjin University, P. R. China)
Challenges in the scale-up of crystallisation from process and product development through to manufacturing

Lan Xiang (Tsinghua University, China)
Formation and Industrial Application of Dispersive Nano-particles and Whiskers


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