The session will cover all physical, chemical and technological aspects of epitaxial growth, starting from the substrate surface preparation (prior to epitaxy), through epitaxial growth modes (step-flow, 2D vs. 3D growth, step structure, etc.), ending with epi-layer properties induced by growth conditions. The contributions on lattice mismatch, thermal mismatch, defect formation and annihilation, microscopic models of epi-layer growth, lateral patterning for defect elimination or nanostructure formation, are strongly encouraged. The novel materials, new experimental techniques (including in-situ measurements), as well as industrial applications, are welcomed to be presented at this session.


Invited speakers (confirmed):

W. Alan Doolittle (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Growth methodologies for overcoming the perceived limitations of phase separation and p-type doping in InGaN

Shizuo Fujita (Kyoto University, Japan)
Epitaxial growth of wide band gap oxide semiconductor thin films

Eva Monroy (CEA-CNRS, France)
Plasma-Assisted MBE of III-nitride semiconductors: From two-dimensional layers to nanostructures

Wolfgang Stolz (University of Marburg, Germany)
Novel dilute nitride III/V-semiconductor laser system for the monolithic integration to Si-microelectronics

Carol Thompson (Northern Illinois University, USA)
In situ X-ray studies of the epitaxial growth by MOVPE

Euijoon Yoon (Seoul National University, Korea)
Hollow nanostructure-assisted growth of GaN by MOCVD and its applications


Michal Leszczynski   (Poland) mike@unipress.waw.pl
Ferdinand Scholz   (Germany) ferdinand.scholz@uni-ulm.de