This session will focus on the synthesis of nanoparticles, quantum dots, nanowires, nanotubes and other low dimensional structures. Self-assembly techniques that utilize nanomaterials as building blocks for the fabrication of more complex superstructures are also of interest. The aim of this session is to bring together a critical mass of researchers to facilitate discussions on how to systematically exploit different crystal growth processes for the production of complex, multifunctional nanostructures, as well as to develop novel self-organization strategies with high degrees of compositional and structural control.


Invited speakers (confirmed):

Yasuhiko Arakawa (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Growth of site-controlled single GaN/AlGaN nanowire quantum dots by MOCVD and their optical properties 

Yen-Ting Chen (Center for Condensed Matter Sciences, Taiwan)
Growth and optical properties of nitride dot-in-a-wire structure on Si substrate

Yi-Chia Chou (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)
In situ TEM control growth of nanowire heterostructures and the nanoscale reactions

Vladimir Dubrovskii (Ioffe Institute, Russia)
Growth modeling of III-V semiconductor nanowires

Andrzej Wawro (Institute of Physics, Poland)
Structural aspects of nanoscale magnetic patterning of epitaxial metallic thin films


Torsten Boeck  (Germany) boeck@ikz-berlin.de
Joan Redwing  (USA) jmr31@psu.edu