The session will focus on various aspects of bulk crystal  growth  including crystallization mechanisms, morphological instabilities, point and  extended defects formation as well as development  of  new  methods  and  approaches. Crystal growth of semiconductors (elements, binary and  ternary  compounds), oxides and halides will be considered however, the  most  important  factors relevant for bulk crystal growth processes in general will be emphasized.

Both experimental and modeling strategies will  be  discussed  in  order  to address the current and future  challenges  in  the  area  of  bulk  crystal growth important for better understanding but also for  the  improvement  of the industrial crystal growth processes with respect  to  higher  yield  and defect control.


Invited speakers (confirmed):

Sadik Dost (University of Victoria, Canada)
Growth of bulk crystals of semiconductors by electroepitaxy

Tsuguo Fukuda (Fukuda Crystal Laboratory, Japan)
CZ Growth of large sapphire single crystals up to 8 inch diameter 300mm length for multiple applications

Zbigniew Galazka (IKZ, Berlin, Germany)
Growth and properties of bulk single crystals of selected transparent semiconducting oxides (TSOs): β-Ga 2O 3, In 2O 3 and SnO 2

Zlatko Sitar (North Carolina State University and HexaTech, Inc., USA)
Growth of AlN crystals and AlGaN epitaxy on AlN wafers

Hitoshi Sumiya (Sumitomo Electric Industries, Japan)
High pressure synthesis of large high-quality single crystal diamonds

Deren Yang (Zhejiang University, China)
Germanium-doped Crystalline Silicon


Izabella Grzegory  (Poland) izabella@unipress.waw.pl
Partha Dutta  (USA) duttap@rpi.edu