This session focuses on the latest advances in physics and technology of epitaxial growth. Both, UHV and gas-phase based epitaxial growth methods, will be covered. Following the current trends, that surface processes during epitaxial growth have to be followed on the scale of atomic mono/submono layers, the very recent developments in in-situ monitoring methods will be covered: XRD, RHEED, SPM, and RAS/RDS in MBE as well as laser deflection, high-resolution reflectance, surface temperature sensing and again XRD, SPM, and RAS/RDS in MOVPE. Contributions regarding basic growth studies in either of the epitaxial methods as well as contributions highlighting the latest technology progress in growing structures for high-brightness LEDs, Blue/UV/Telecom lasers, high-power and high-frequency electronics, high-efficiency solar cell will be highly welcome.


Invited speakers (confirmed):

Michael Heuken (AIXTRON SE, Germany)
Next generation production MOVPE - on the role of in-situ metrology for process control and yield enhancement

Kiyoshi Kanisawa (NTT Corporation, Japan)
Electronic processes in adatom dynamics at epitaxial semiconductor surfaces studied using MBE-STM combined system

Markus Pristovsek (University of Cambridge, UK)
Growth monitoring of nitride semiconductors at its limit

Masamitu Takahasi (Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan)
In-situ monitoring of molecular-beam epitaxial growth of zero-, one-, and two-dimensional structures using synchrotron X-ray diffraction


Thomas Zettler  (Germany) zettler@laytec.de
Shiro Tsukamoto (Japan) tsukamot@anan-nct.ac.jp