Compound semiconductors play an important role in different fields of applications. The definition of compound semiconductors covers a wide range of materials for electronic, optical and electro-optical devices and detectors. Their industrial impact is still very strong. The session is dedicated to a variety of materials with a smaller bandgap for bulk crystals and films. It is covering the technology aspects of crystal growth, structural and electronic defects as well as the characterization and novel applications.


Invited speakers (confirmed):

Christiane Frank-Rotsch (Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth, Germany)
Vertical gradient freeze growth of GaAs using a heater magnet module (HMM)

Aleksandar Ostrogorsky (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA)
Czochralski Growth of Indium Iodide 


Michael Fiederle  (Germany) michael.fiederle@fmf.uni-freiburg.de
Gunther Springholz  (Austria) gunther.springholz@jku.at