This session provides a forum for presentation of novel experimental techniques used for characterization of structure and electron transport, optical and magnetic properties of crystalline materials, especially in nanoscale. The topics of the session include, but are not limited to application of modern “large scale” facilities and novel “small scale” equipment for material research in nanoscale, characterization of defects, studies of material surface and interfacial phenomena, as well as studies of nanoscale materials.


Invited speakers (confirmed):

Yulin Chen (Clarendon Laboratory, UK)
Visualization of Novel Electronic Structures in Topological Quantum Matter

Agnieszka Wolos (Institute of Physics, PAS; University of Warsaw, Poland)
Application of microwave spectroscopy to studies of electron transport properties


Maria Kaminska   (Poland) Maria.Kaminska@fuw.edu.pl
Marek Skowronski  (USA) mareks@cmu.edu