SMCBS'2011 International Workshop

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Presenting person
1 Marta Sosnowska Molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) chemosensors for surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and differerntial pulse voltammetry (DPV) determination of melamine
2 Jan Pawłowski Tuning Electron Transmission Efficiency through Peptides: Modulation by Mechanically Induced Structural Changes
3 Bożena Sikora Designing biosensors based on semiconductor nanoparticles for an early detection of neurodegenerative diseases.
4 Bożena Sikora Synthesis and properties of NaYF4: Er, Yb, Gd nanoparticles with and without SiO2 coating for biomedical applications.
5 Maria Bosserdt Electrochemical behaviour of Cytochrome c immobilised in a poly-scopoletin layer
6 Liza Rassaei Mass transfer in Nanofluidic Devices embedded in a Microfluidic Channel
7 Maciej R. Karaśkiewicz Biofuel cell based on carbon nanotubes with covalently bonded laccase and glucose dehydrogenase embedded in cubic phase
8 Adriana Palinska Detection of supercoiled and linear plasmid DNA
9 Mathieu Etienne Electrochemically Assisted Sol-Gel Bioencapsulation on Carbon Nanotubes Network
11 Małgorzata Rajfur Algae Spirogyra sp. – biosensor of surface waters pollution with mercury
12 Adrianna Złoczewska Titanium dioxide nanotube and enzyme-enhanced photo-bio-fuel cell
13 Wissam Ghach Electrochemically Assisted Encapsulation of Bacteria in Sol-Gel Thin Films
14 Maria E. Yakovleva Deglycosylation of glucose oxidase by PNGase F
15 Kamrul Hasan Electrochemical communication between viable bacterial cells and flexible redox polymers
16 Christoph Wettstein Coupling of pyrroloquinoline quinone dependent glucose dehydrogenase (PQQ-GDH) with CytC/DNA multilayer electrodes
17 Anna Kutyła-Olesiuk Hybrid electronic tongue for the quality analysis of apple extracts
18 Inês Almeida Nanostructured gold surfaces for biosensing applications
19 Zuzana Garaiova The Study of  Physical Properties of Lipid Monolayers Composed of Amphiphilic Carotenoids
20 Marek K. Sobkowiak Conducting bipolymeric composite based on poly-pyrrole and alkoxysulfonated PEDOT. Synthesis and electrocatalytic properties
21 Maja Snejdarkova DNA-aptamers for thrombin detection by quartz crystal microbalance.
22 Izabela Kamińska Structural, morphological and optical properties of ZnAl2O4 nanoparticles co-doped with Er3+and Yb3+ prepared by combustion aerosol synthesis.
23 Jenny Bergman Electrochemical sensor based on a microarray of individually addressable chemically modified electrodes for insulin detection
24 Joanna E. Małecka Tetraazamacrocyclic copper(II) and nickel(II) complexes in host - guest systems.
25 Alexandra Poturnayová Molecular imaging of lipid layers containing calixarene-cytochrome c complexes
26 Alina N. Sekretaryova Reagentless Second Generation Biosensor Free of Covalent Mediator Linking
27 Karolina Witkowska Properties of DODAB/oleyl alcohol and DODAB/cholesterol monolayers and bilayers
28 Raoudha Haddad 3D bioarchitectures constructed on carbon cloth for the development of biofuel cells
29 Robert Ziółkowski Electrochemical uranyl biosensor with DNA oligonucleotides as receptor layer
30 Martyna Jańczyk Planar microsensors based on phenylboronic acid Self-Assembled Monolayers
31 Sunil A. Patil Exploitation of electrospun and solution blown three-dimensional carbon fiber nonwovens for microbial bioelectrocatalysis
32 Tan-Phat Huynh Electrochemically synthesized molecularly imprinted polymer for determination adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP)
33 Alexander Lukhnovich Electroanalytical system based on lactate biosensor with preliminary concentration for non-invasive diagnostics
34 Lo Gorton Effect of deglycosylation of cellobiose dehydrogenase applied to 3rd generation biosensors and biofuel cells
35 Xiaoju Wang Direct electron transfer of Trametes hirsuta laccase in a dual-layer-architecture of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) films
36 Tomasz P. Rębiś PEDOT/Lignosulfonate polymer composites: synthesis and electroanalytical application
37 Anna Celebanska Ascorbic acid-oxygen biofuel cell and  zinc-oxygen cell based on carbon-silicate biocathode
38 Artur Fandrich Electrochemical observation of the thermally induced phase transition for a switchable polymer immobilised onto gold electrodes
39 Muhammad N. Zafar Electron transfer studies with different sugar oxidizing enzymes and osmium polymers to improve the current density
40 Krzysztof Stolarczyk Biofuel cell based on arylated carbon nanotubes
41 Devin Daems Oligonucleotide and aptamer derivatized surfaces in potentiometric sensors: preliminary results
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