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Alginate hydrogel-candidate support for cell transplantation - preliminary observation in human chondrocyte culture

Piotr Woźniak 1Marek Kozicki 2Janusz M. Rosiak 2Jacek Przybylski 1Małgorzata Lewandowska-Szumieł 1

1. Medical University of Warsaw, Department of Biophysics and Human Physiology, Chałubińskiego 5, Warszawa 02-004, Poland
2. Technical University of Lódź, Institute of Applied Radiation Chemistry (TUL-IARC), Wróblewskiego 15, Łódź 93-590, Poland


Alginate hydrogels are being taken into account as a potential 3-D support for tissue engineering in skeletal reconstruction1-3.
The aim of the present study was to investigate the influence of alginate hydrogel on human chondrocytes in vitro.
Hydrogels were prepared by crosslinking natural polymer, sodium alginate, with divalent cations (Ca2+).
Chondrocytes were encapsulated into hydrogel in the form of either beads or films and were incubated under standard conditions. Cells seeded on TCPS (Tissue Culture Polystyrene) served as a positive control. Morphological observations were carried out and chondrocytes viability was examined by means of Neutral Red cytotoxicity quantitative assay (NR).
In microscopy examination of chondrocytes, cells were visualised in the whole 3-D structure of hydrogel. The results of NR assay for encapsulated chondrocytes were higher, as compared to the cells cultured on TCPS.
These results show the positive effect of alginate encapsulation on human chondrocytes in vitro.
It might be concluded, that this kind of alginate hydrogels might be considered as a potential support for cells transplantation and this system needs further investigations.

This work was supported by the State Committee for Scientific Research (grant 05/PBZ-KBN-082/2002/06).

1. Marijnissen WJ, van Osch GJ, Aigner J, van der Veen SW, Hollander AP, Verwoerd-Verhoef HL, Verhaar JA. Alginate as a chondrocyte-delivery substance in combination with a non-woven scaffold for cartilage tissue engineering. Biomaterials 2002;23(6):1511-7.
2. Rowley JA, Madlambayan G, Mooney DJ. Alginate hydrogels as synthetic extracellular matrix materials. Biomaterials 1999;20(1):45-53.
3. Alsberg E, Anderson KW, Albeiruti A, Franceschi RT, Mooney DJ. Cell-interactive alginate hydrogels for bone tissue engineering. J Dent Res 2001;80(11):2025-9.


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Presentation: oral at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2004, Symposium B, by Piotr Woźniak
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