High Pressure School 1999 (3rd)

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oral Jacek Arabas Equipment for Investigations Under Gas and Liquids Pressures up to 2 Gpa
oral Alexey N. Babushkin Electrical Characteristics of Dielectrics and Semiconductors at High Pressures in Diamond Anvil Cell
oral Jan Barciszewski The Role of Water Structure in Conformational Changes of Nucleic Acids in Ambient and High Pressure Conditions
oral Igor Bdikin High Pressure Induced Amorphisation and Nanostructure in Binary Alloys
oral A. Delgado On the Development and Application of New Techniques for Measuring Physico-Chemical Properties of Liquid Food Ingredients
oral Aleksandr Ellervee Spectroscopic Studies of Photosynthetic Pigment-Protein Complexes at High Pressure
oral Hans-Jörg Fecht Obtaining Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Materials by Plastic Deformation and Mechanical Alloying
oral Stansiław Filipek Research on Metal-Hydrogen Systems by Using High Pressure Techniques
oral Monika Fonberg-Broczek Application of High Pressures in Processing of Fruits
oral Iza Grzegory High Pressure Crystallisation of GaN
oral Volker Heinz High Pressure in Food Technology
oral Tatiana Ischenko Modeling of the Solid State Amorphization by High Pressure Treatment
oral Janusz Jurczak High Pressure Organic Synthesis
oral H. Kubota Methods and Apparatus to Measure Some Thermophysical Properties of Fluids under Pressure
oral Krzysztof J. Kurzydlowski Quantitative Description of Microstructure of Nano-materials
oral Jerzy Lis Ceramic Nanolaminates Based on Ti3SiC2
oral Witold Łojkowski High Pressure Research at Unipress
oral Yuly V. Milman On the Correlation of Mechanical Behaviour of Ceramic Materials Under Shock Compression and Static Intendation
oral Yoritoshi Minamino Consolidation of Mechanically Alloyed Al-15at% Cr Powder Using Impact and Static Pressures
oral Hideo Nakajima Fabrication and Properties of Porous Metals by Directional Solidification Under High Pressure of Hydrogen
oral Waclaw Pachla Deformation of Materials by Means of Hydrostatic Extrusion – Practical Applications
oral Bogdan F. Palosz Grain Boundaries Harder Than Diamond
oral Ludmila Paritskaya Reaction Diffusion in Metallic Systems under High Pressure
oral Andrzej Paszewin High Pressure Technology of High TC Superconductors
oral Piotr Perlin Optical Spectroscopy in Diamond Anvil Cells
oral Arnold Reps Application of High Pressures in Diary Industry
oral Vladimir V. Shchennikov Combined Technique of High Pressure Testing of Materials up to 30 GPa
oral Natalya V. Shishkova Behaviour of Polymer Materials Under Pressure: Deformation Process, Properties and Structure Formation
oral V. A. Sidorov High Pressure Toroidal Cells
oral Laszlo Smeller Temperature-Pressure Phase Diagrams of Proteins
oral Vladimir V. Stolyarov Nanostructured Alloys Processed by Severe Straining Under High Pressure
oral Tomoshi Takahashi Interdiffuion in Ternary Aluminium-Base Alloys Under High Pressure
oral Marek Tkacz Diamond Anvill Cells
oral Witold Trzeciakowski Pressure Calibration Using Semiconductor Sensors
oral Markus V. Valkeapää Tl-2201 Synthesis at High Isostatic Pressure
oral Robert Varin Schock Wave Deformation of Intermetallic Alloys
oral Roland Wisniewski High Pressure Standards
oral Toshimi Yamane Discontinuous Precipitation in Al-Zn Alloy at High Pressure
oral Tohru Yamasaki Grain Size-Dependence of Hardness in Nanocrystalline Fe-TiN and Ni-TiN Alloys Prepared by Mechanical Alloying and Shock Consolidation
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