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Ceramic Nanolaminates Based on Ti3SiC2

Jerzy Lis 

AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH), al. Mickiewicza 30, Kraków 30-059, Poland


Composites with layered structures - laminates, because of specific
properties, have an important, permanent place in a materials science
research. Recently, an interesting group of laminates have been
discussed and developed. They are called nanolaminates because of
layered structure in a nanoscale.
The paper summarises author's works on preparation and testing of a
new group of nanolaminates - ceramics based on Ti[3]SiC[2]. A
possibility of preparation of sinterable Ti[3]SiC[2 ]powders by
Self-Propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) from powdered
substrates is shown. The powders can be densified into Ti[3]SiC[2
]-based polycrystals using pressureless sintering or hot-pressing. The
final materials have a very specific laminar character in nano and
micro scale. Such structure can be correlated with a relatively low
hardness, high elastic modules, high fracture toughness, and high
corrosion and thermal shock resistance.
The examples of preparation of ceramic composite nanolaminates built
from carbides, nitrides and intermetalics, as well as a general
perspectives of nonolaminate materials are discussed.


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Presentation: oral at High Pressure School 1999 (3rd), by Jerzy Lis
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Submitted: 2003-02-16 17:33
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