High Pressure School 1999 (3rd)

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Andrei Aleshin Pressure Effect on Grain Boundary Diffusion in Al Bicrystals
G. Babushkina Relaxation Processes in Sulphur Under High Pressure
Svetlana I. Chugunova Sintering of Germanium Single Crystals in Different P-T Conditions
Mohammad Djahanbakhsh Microstructure of Surface Layers of Raiways After Heavy Exploatation
A. Dobromyslov Formation of Amorphous and Non-Equilibrium Phases in Ti-Cu and Ti-Ni Alloys Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying Under a High Pressure
A. Dobromyslov Formation of Adiabatic Shear Bands in Zr and Zr-Nb Alloys in Spherical Stress Waves
Alla Domareva The Treatment of High-Nitrogen Austenitic Steels by High Hydrostatic Pressure
Lyudmila I. Donchenko Peculiarities of High Pressure Effect on Immune Complex Formation in Human Blood Serum
Boris M. Efros Metal Gasket Behaviour in DAC
Evgeni A. Ekimov Gradient Temperature Synthesis of Carbon Structures Under High Pressure
Monika Fonberg-Broczek Influence of UHP Treatment on Survival of Yesinia Enterocolitica
Irina V. Gridneva Structure and Properties of Molybdenum Compacted in High-Pressure Conditions with Shear Deformation
Y. A. Ivonin Nanostructure and Phase State of 12kh18n10t Stainless Steel After Shear Under Pressure
Rafał Jakieła Argon as a Pressure-Transmitting Medium, Loading Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC) vs Phase Diagram
Irena Kloczko Application of High Pressure to Processing of Meat
W. Kurzatkowski Ultrastructural Changes in the Cells of Streptomyces sp.R61 Under High Pressure Treatment
A. A. Leshchuk Modeling of Diamond Spontaneous Crystallization Process for Obtaining Crystals with High Thermophysical Properties
Filip Meersman Pressure-Assisted Cold Denaturation of Proteins Compared to Pressure and Heat Denaturation. Application to Food Components
Vladimir V. Milyavskiy High Pressure Synthesis of Carbyne From Graphite
Vladimir V. Milyavskiy Simplified Equation for the Shock Wave Compaction of Porous Materials
V. P. Pilyugin Formation of Nanocrystalline Solid Solutions in Fe100-x-Cux (x=0.1...0.9) System After Shear Under Pressure
Sveta Protasova Normal Grain Growth in 2-d Strips of Polycrystalline Aluminium Under High Pressure
Sandeep Rekhi Fluorescence Study on Transition Metal Doped Oxides at High PT-Conditions
Martina Stolt High Pressure Gelatinisation of Starch: a DSC Study
Malgorzata Suś-Ryszkowska Microstructural Inhomogeniety Observed in Iron Subjected to Torsion Under High Pressure
Małgorzata E. Szczawińska Effect of High Pressure on Sensory Properties of Ripened, Hard, Vacuum-packed Cheeses
Nina Taluts Features of Zr-Nb Alloys Structure Loaded by Spherical Converging Stress Waves Spherical Converging Stress Wawes
Izabella I. Timofeeva Effect of High Pressure on Structure Characteristics for Interstitial Phases of Titanium
Yu I. Tyagur PT-Phase Diagram of Sn2P2S6 Crystals, Photoluminescence and Fundamental Absorbtion Edge
Alicja Waśkowska Transport Properties and the Semiconductor-to-Metal Transition in V3O5 at High Pressure
Roland Wisniewski Freezing of Viscous Fluids Under High Pressure
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