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Oral Aki-Hiro Sato Characteristic periodicities of collective behavior at the foreign exchange market
Poster Aki-Hiro Sato Fluctuation scaling of quotation activities in the foreign exchange market
Poster Andrzej Krawiecki Microscopic spin model for the stock market with attractor bubbling on scale-free networks
Oral Alberto Russo Business Fluctuations in an Evolving Network Economy
Invited oral Axel Leijonhufvud Limits to the Equilibrating Capabilities of Market Systems
Oral Simone Alfarano On competition and the distribution of profit rates 
Oral Alfredo Garro An integrated agent-based process for the simulation of complex systems
Oral Andrea Morone A Laboratory Experiment Of Knowledge Integration In Working Environments
Oral Anna Chmiel Scaling of human activity at several Web portal
Oral Anxo Sánchez Community connectivity and heterogeneity: clues and insights on cooperation on social networks
Oral Yuji Aruka Non-self averaging of a two-person game only with positive spillover: A new formulation of Avatamsaka dilemma process
Oral Marcel Ausloos Threshold Model for Triggered Financial Bubbles on Networks
Poster Behrooz Hassani Mahmooei Information, Rent-seeking and Economic Growth (An Agent-based Approach)
Oral Martin Smid Probabilistic Properties of the Continuous Double Auction
Oral Simona Cantono Learning Curves, Percolation Networks, and the Windows of R&D and Technology Subsidy Policies
Oral Xinyang Li A Comparison of Market Structures with Near-Zero-Intelligence Traders
Oral Shu-Heng Chen Fundamentalist, Momentum Traders, and Contrarians, Are They Empirically All Important?
Poster Carmen Costea The yin-yang of education and research competition
Oral Carlos P. Roca Evolutionary games and cooperation: the complex effect of population structure
Oral Christophe Deissenberg Production and Finance in EURACE
Oral Dariusz Grech Global and local approach in description of complex phenomena on the Polish stock market
Oral Ryszard Kutner Model of the fractional viscoelastic market
Oral Franco Nardini Innovation and Growth through Local and Global Interaction
Poster Fumihiko Hashimoto Overconfidence of Trader. 
Oral Giulia Canzian Truly Keynesian business fluctuations in an agent-based computational model
Oral Geoff Rodgers Self Organised Criticality in an Accident and Emergency Department
Oral Giorgio Fagiolo The Evolution of the World Trade Web
Oral Hamed Amini Optimal marketing policy in a random network
Invited oral Eugene Stanley Economic Fluctuations and Statistical Physics: Quantifying Extremely Rare and Much Less Rare Events
Oral Harbir Lamba Heterogeneous Agent Models With Threshold-Induced Switching
Oral Honggang Li Self-fulfillment expectations and self-destruction expectations in an artificial financial market
Oral Krzysztof Kułakowski The norm game in a mean-field society
Poster Hiroshi Takahashi Analyzing the Influence of Overconfident Investors on Financial Markets
Oral Giulia Iori The impact of heterogeneous trading rules on the limit order book and order flows.
Oral Saori Iwanaga Collective Behavior under Coordination Games with Ternary Choice
Poster Joao Balsa Micro to Macro Effects on the Greenhouse Gases Emission Reduction Problem
Oral Janusz A. Hołyst Analysis of scientific productivity using maximum entropy principle and fluctuation-dissipation theorem
Poster John Mc Breen A multi-agent model of the urban rental housing market
Oral Jean-Patrick Lebacque Multiagent approach to dynamic assignment in multi-modal urban networks
Oral Julian M. Sienkiewicz Scaling of clusters in a one-dimensional system
Poster Andrzej Kasprzak Anomalous left-sided multifractal structure of intertransation time-intervals and the possible third-order phase transition on financial market
Oral Andreas Krause Evaluating the performance of adapting trading strategies with different memory length
Oral Jarosław Kwapień Analysis of a network structure of the foreign currency exchange market
Oral Marco Campenni' On The Emergence of Conventions: a Comparison between a Simulative and an Analytical Approach
Oral Laurence S. Lasselle Stable cycles in a cobweb model with learning dynamics
Oral Luca Colombo The Role of Expectations and Wages in Deflationary Recessions
Oral Guinevere Nell Competing With Government: A Dynamic Model of Public Sector Crowd Out
Oral Carlo Lucheroni Stochastic nonlinear models for power markets
Oral Luca Zarri On Punishing Non-Punishers. When (Not So) Nice Guys Deserve the Stick, not the Carrot
Oral Makoto Mizuno When Word-Of Mouth Marketing Works: Simulating Consumers on Complex Networks
Oral Marcin Pietrzak How much rationality is in inflation expectations?
Oral Mishael Milakovic System size and network effects in a probabilistic herding model 
Poster Nicolas Million Threshold effects for the conditional mean and variance: evidence for the real interest rate
Poster Megan M. Khoshyaran The flip side of the Cournot - Nash competition
Poster Krzysztof Mogielski Two - player games with dynamical connection weights
Oral Matthias Raddant Hierarchical networks effects in a financial herding model
Oral Masatoshi Murakami A Note on the Process of Forming Public Opinion and its Effect on Japanese Public Pension System
Oral Akira Namatame Self-organized Control of Cascade
Oral Takao Terano Towards Small-Sized Long Tail Business through Dynamic Advisor for Knowledge and Information Oriented Communities
Oral Oliver Hein Evaluation of the Frankfurt Artificial Stock Market Order Book
Oral Oriol Pont Description, modeling and forecasting of data with optimal wavelets
Poster Paweł Oświęcimka Time correlations in currency exchange rates
Invited oral Peter M. Allen Complexity: Organizational Evolution of Multiple Agents
Oral Pedro Campos Emergence in Evolving Collaborative Networks
Oral Petr Svarc Testing Different Imitation Strategies in an Evolutionary Prisoner's Dilemma Game on Networks
Oral Luciano Pietronero Agent Based models for Economics: Stylized Facts and their Self-organization
Oral Fernando Prado Phase transition of product locations due to social interactions of consumers
Oral Paul Ormerod Global recessions as a cascade phenomenon with heterogeneous, interacting economic agents
Oral Rainer Berkemer Disputable advantage of experience in the travelers’ dilemma
Oral Peter Richmond A random walk through the Bebo network
Oral Przemysław Kusztelak Company size and spatial localization – game theory and experimental approach
Oral Paweł Sieczka Properites of correlations in commodity markets
Oral Marco Raberto Monetary and fiscal policy design in an agent-based model of a financial economy
Oral Raul Jimenez Rewarding cooperation in social dilemmas
Oral Roger Waldeck Social norms, Emotions and cooperation in groups
Poster Jacek Kędzierski Minority Game Market Model with Herding.
Oral Serge Hayward The Behavioural Aspect of a Financial Market in Agent-Based Experimental Settings
Oral Samir Hamichi Production network with strategic firms' behavior
Oral Gerald P. Silverberg A percolation model of the product lifecycle
Oral Michael Romanovsky Analytical representation of truncated Levy random  walks.  Does the general law of asset return fluctuations (hops) exist?
Oral Claudio J. Tessone Social Network Formation of Agents Competing for High Centrality
Oral Thomas Lux Parameter Estimation for Stochastic Models of Interacting Agents: An Approximate ML Approach via Numerical Solutions of Transitional Densities
Oral Tamotsu Onozaki A Model of Market Structure Dynamics with Boundedly Rational Agents
Oral Fabio Tramontana The emergence of 'bull and bear' dynamics in a nonlinear 3d model of interacting markets
Poster Boris Trubnikov Problem of the Pareto law substantiation.
Poster Zsolt Tulassay Modeling simultaneous extreme returns with heterogeneous agents
Oral Leanne J. Ussher Mark-to-Market and Leveraged Trading in a Speculative Market: A Simulation with Zero Intelligent Agents
Poster Lukas Vacha Smart Predictors in the Heterogeneous Agent Model
Poster Valentina Alfi Origin of stylized facts in self-organizing agent based model
Oral Víctor M. Eguíluz Absorbing Transition in Coevolution Dynamics
Oral Wen-Chung Guo Asset Prices and Trading Volumes with Risk-Averse Speculators and Heterogeneous Expectations
Oral Wayne Zandbergen The Cost of Failed Businesses in The Gilded Age: Applying Power Laws to Business Failures in the late 19th Century United States
Oral Xavier Castelló The effects of community structure in the dynamics of language competition
Oral Yuri Yegorov Socio-Economic Influences of Population Density
Oral Ying Fan Collective Dynamics on Opinion Network and Hierarchic Social Entropy
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