Prof. Ludomir Ślusarski - Symposium Chairman


The topics of the Symposium will include: methods of nanoparticles characterization and manufacturing, modification of polymers with those nanoparticles in order to develop new constructional and functional materials, finding correlations between structure and properties of nanoparticles and their activities, technology of new polymer materials modified by nanoparticles, and development of preliminary technologies suitable for usage by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). The objects of research are e.g. layered, fibrous and solid constructional polymers as well as solid functional polymers, all modified with nanoparticles.

Different types of nanoparticles, like aluminosilicates, oxygen based nanofillers (silicon dioxide, titanium white, zinc oxide and others), phosphate and aluminorganic nanofillers will be discussed.

Nanomaterials have been studied extensively over the last decade. The research, initially of basic character, now is concentrated on technologies of production of such materials and on broad investigations of their properties. Various techniques for production of nanometals, nanoceramics and nanocomposites have been developed and superior properties of nanomaterials have been reported.

Experience of the scientists from the old countries of European Union (EU) in the research area of nanosciences and nanotechnologies is still wider than that of their colleagues from Poland and from other countries of the Eastern Europe. Researchers from the old EU countries could share the experience from their National Projects with the researchers from the new member countries. The Symposium will be a good occasion for the scientists from the new member countries and from the other countries of the Eastern Europe to start collaboration in the trans-national research projects. The Symposium will also be fruitful for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) from Poland and from other Eastern Europe Countries. It will make nanoscience and nanotechnology more comprehensible for the people of SME-s. The programme of the Symposium will ensure its importance for students, PhD students and post docs.

Scientific Committee:

Prof. Ludomir Slusarski(Chairman), Technical University, Lodz
Prof. Andrzej Galeski, Center of Molecular and Macromolecular Studies, Polish Academy of Science, Lodz, Poland
Prof. Zbigniew Roslaniec, Szczecin University of Technology, Poland
Prof. Tadeusz Spychaj, Szczecin University of Technology, Poland
Prof. Stefan Wojciechowski, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Tentative list of invited speakers:

  • Prof. F. Faupel (Chrystian - Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany)
  • Prof. A. Gałęski (Center of Molecular and Macromolecular Studies, Polish Academy of Science, Poland)
  • Prof. A.Vidal (Institute of Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces, Mulhouse, France)


  • Prof. Ludomir Ślusarski, Institute of Polymers,Technical University of Lodz, Poland, sludpolp@mail.p.lodz.pl
  • Dr Joanna Ryszkowska, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, WUT, Poland, jrysz@meil.pw.edu.pl


After a regular review, the accepted manuscripts will be published in a special issue of POLIMERY.

The will of having the publication in this issue should be declared until 15th of may 2006.

Guidelines for authors can be found under this link.


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