for top 10 EMRS 2006 Fall Meeting offers

Continues pressure is imposed on scientist to make research results of practical value. One of the barriers is insufficient information and communication between scientists, engineers, businessman, financial investors and policy makers.
The Science & Technology Commercialization Marketplace NOTUS aims to help to solve this problem. We cordially invite present your technology at the
Science & Technology Commercialization Marketplace NOTUS
NOTUS Consultants, industry and finance experts will analyze them and recommend for an online and public presentation on Thursday, September 7th, 17.20 - 21.00.

Deadline for submission: Monday, 4th Sept. 2006, at 15.00. There will be also opportunities to network with promoters and stakeholders from engineering, business and finance sectors in a friendly and professional atmosphere of “business-like dinner”.

We cordially invite you to join this event by presenting your offer, listening to other presentations, identifying their value added features, talking to people and becoming one of the science and technology commercialization community pro-active members.

All results can be presented, both such that are at early research stage, as well as mature technologies.
The advantage for you:
- You will make contacts with business, industry, other researchers, that my be useful for future commercializations of your technology, or submission of joint projects.
- You will learn a presentation form suited for communicating with these stakeholders.
- You may win a prise of 100 Euro if you qualify to the top 6 presentations, and 300 Euro if you win the first palace.
- You will get the Notus Award.

To register, please e-mail your Power Point presentation to notus@sci.org.pl a.s.a.p. or use our online services at http://notus.sci.org.pl

Chris Łebkowski
Witold Łojkowski
Janusz D. Fidelus


Science & Technology Commercialisation Market Place

Thursday, 7th September, 17.20 - 21.00

Authors that would like to present their subject to industry, finance and other scientist as a technology offer, will have the opportunity to do so during the Science & Technology Commercialization Marketplace NOTUS .

To register for this satellite event, please sent your request to notus@sci.org.pl

You will get a special registration form, where you will be able to show your proposal according to standards for technology offer.

The contributions will be evaluated by experts, and ordered according to well defined criteria.

Up to 10 best abstracts will be selected for presentation during the event.
The winner will obtain a prise of 200 Euro and the next 4 best abstracts 100 Euro together with NOTUS MASTER of TECHNOLOGY AWARD.

After presentations by the authors, there will be a business meeting, where the authors will meet the stakeholders interested in cooperation or comercialisation.

For E-MRS particpants no registration fee. Event guests have access upon invitation. For invitations ask Mr. Chris Łebkowski (for English speaking community please read as ‘Webkovski’ )

Deadline 4th August 2006.

Chris Łebkowski
Science & Technology Commercialization Marketplace NOTUS
Coordinator of Polish Technology Platform for Opto & Nano Electronics
National Technology Organization of Poland
e-mail : K.Lebkowski@plusnet.pl
Witold Lojkowski (for English speaking community please read as ‘Woykovski’ )
Coordinator of Polish Technology Platform for Advanced Materials,
Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS, Poland


The selected abstracts will be published on-line at the technology Commercialisation marketplace web-site Notus. http://pknit.sci.org.pl/strony/17-Gielda-NOTUS-EMRS-2006.html


SPUB-Namic: International Network on Nano and Mico technology

Polish Ministry of Science and High Education