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Elżbieta Lusakowska



Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics

address: al. Lotników 32/46, Warszawa, 02-668, Poland
phone: +48-22-8436601
fax: +48-22-8430926


  1. Cathodoluminescence study of n-type doped GaN epilayers and GaN/InGaN quantum well structures
  2. Damage of gallium arsenide created after irradiation by ultra-short VUV laser pulse
  3. Defect structure of Sn-implanted Si crystal annealed by nanosecond laser pulse
  4. Effect of high pressure annealing on defect structure of GaMnAs
  5. Evidence of threading and misfit dislocations in partially relaxed InGaAs/GaAs heterostructures
  6. Gallium nitride surface formation and modification by Mn deposition - photoemission studies with use of synchrotron radiation
  7. Gd atoms on Si (111) surface – AFM and photoemission study
  8. Growth and characterization of thin films of ZnO by Atomic Layer Epitaxy
  9. Impact of substrate microstructure on self-induced nucleation and properties of GaN nanowires grown by plasma-assisted MBE
  10. Influence of n-type doping on light emission properties of GaN layers and GaN-based quantum well structures
  11. Influence of substrate on crystallographic quality of AlGaN/GaN HEMT structures grown by MBE
  12. Interaction of Mn and Ti atoms with GaN surface - a resonant photoemission study
  13. Nanostructure of laser annealed Ge-implanted near-surface Si layers
  14. Structure characterisation of MBE-grown ZnSe:Cr layers
  15. Thin films of ZnS and ZnSe by Atomic Layer Deposition for light sensor applications
  16. Wide band-gap II-VI semiconductors for optoelectronic applications
  17. ZnO thin films for organic/inorganic heterojunctions

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